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GRPL F1 & F2 Fall Season 2019 [HL+TT] [Login]
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Author:  Lorenzo [ Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  GRPL F1 & F2 Fall Season 2019 [HL+TT] [Login]

GRPL discord:

Hi! With great pleasure I would like to announce the start of the new GRPL F1 & F2 season – already third season after the reactivation last year. Last two seasons abounded in great racing at a highest level and surely the third one will not be worse as Tinjovic will strive to defend the title for the second time in the row, this time from Lorenzo, Mike Nike and Maclape trio and many others.

Overview of the series:
Formula 1
  • real F1 teams managed by Team Managers who recruit best drivers available
  • more advanced rules, various strategies, wet racing
  • longer races (15km) faster cars, higher tyre wear
  • for more experienced/ambitious players

Formula 2:
  • real-life F2 teams which function as junior F1 teams, supervised by the same Team Managers that manage F1 teams
  • more relaxed competition: simple rules, no strategies, one tyre compound
  • shorter races (10km), slower cars, low tyre wear
  • for less experienced players
  • the same calendar as F1

Basic rules:
English version of rulebook is available on our discord server, but here is a brief overview:
  • Team Managers responsible for hiring and participation of drivers
  • Qualifying + race format (Q determines a starting position for race) with login system
  • Deadlines for qualifying sessions on Thursdays, for races - on Sundays
  • 7 laps of qualifying in F1, 5 laps in F2 / 15 km race in F1, 8 km race in F2

Cars & tracks:
We use the finest collection of real world tracks created by best trackmakers in Generally, including Maciej1, Areen, Sartalas, Spykee and others. Calendar will be published after tracks election (in which everyone may participate!) on Sunday 2019-09-01.

Game pack:
Available on our discord server (link above) under F1&F2 section (currently only pack for testing is available).

How to sign up?
Write a post in #zapisy-signup channel according to instructions. List of Team Managers who have free seats can be found in #calendar-entrylist channel. After signing up you will receive your login data from administrator.

Alternatively, you can post your entry here copying the following form:
Preferred series (F1/F2):

Calendar: ... nknown.png

Entry list [updated: 13.09.19, 14:00]: ... nknown.png

Author:  Lorenzo [ Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GRPL F1 & F2 Fall Season 2019 [HL+TT] [Login]

Round 1 - South African GP - Qualifying:

F1 results:

F2 results:

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