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How to make a funny competition
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Author:  Herbal [ Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  How to make a funny competition

Actually, you need only to remember on 6 golden rules:

1. Make sure that you have a sensible title to your forum topic. Titles like 'The best competition ever' are not a good way of getting people to notice, and are also not good if people want to find your topic again!
2. Explain the rules of your competition clearly. People will not join, if they don't understand something crucial part of the rules.
3. Try to gather contestants by inviting them - PMs are good, but you may also use emails, MSN/WLM, Skype, ICQ, or the like. But think wisely about the names of recipients - choose only those, who really might be interested in the competition, the others would only feel themselves being bothered by some sort of spamming.
4. One topic is enough for any league, and try to edit your initial post to post small changes as its a much easier point of reference.
5. And of course try to like, what you're doing. Drivers will feel it when you don't put your heart at managing your competition.
6. Listen to ideas from other people, and use them - you'll get more racers if you're co-operative. ;)

I think I've told you nothing special here, but sometimes even pros used to forget the main rules. ;)

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