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 Good bye and other personal announcements 
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Post Re: Good bye and other personal announcements
Same reason as Jonzu, I'm back.

Minor life update here.

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Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:50 pm
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Post Re: Good bye and other personal announcements
Ok, here I am, giving you something which I thought about saying in the last few months. A somewhat sad news for you:

I will retire from the GeneRally (1) community: :vsad:

When I started racing here in mid 2014, this community was relatively small compared to the 2000s, but I didn't care. I had fun in GR and was interested in that game. And when I found out, that there are competitions, I signed up for them and tried it out. Of course I wasn't as good as the best drivers like Kuba, Alonso and (of course) Maclape, but I was decent and getting better, but more importantly, I had fun. And I still had fun racing in these series and GRID one-off events, even though I slowly stopped playing the "singleplayer" GR proper. Over time, I mostly only turned on GR, when I was practicing and/or logging-in for an event, apart from that, not really. Maybe like, once a few months, except when Maciej1 updated GR World Tour, then I'd still download the new version and try it out.
But, over time I was losing interest in GR. And that also showed in the tournaments.

In the beginning of my career, I usually practiced for races, not much, but I did. But later, especially in series like GTT, I stopped caring and just logged in to make my races, nothing more. And instead of racing in every tournament there was, I also began being more selective, not entering every tournament, but staying in few selected series and one-off events.

The series I liked the most by far were GRTCC and PGR F1. The combination of cars, tracks, races and competition (especially in PGRF1), made these series really, really fun compared to other series. And both series were not only the only ones in the end I actually practiced on, but also the ones I was most competitive in, winning three races in GRTCC, especially on narrow and long circuits like Bathurst or the Nordschleife, and being 3rd in the Championship twice. Meanwhile in PGRF1 I managed one win, Brazil 2015, but that being from the lowest grid slot ever, which also brought me the PGRF1 Driver of the Season award in 2015. Tbh, when I saw the race results, I thought PGR forgot including my run because I didn't saw me on the results, before I checked who won that race. :sweatdrop:

This race victory was the biggest achivement of my GR career, by far. And the most proudest I ever was in my career. :winner:
Also, in the very strong PGRF1 field, being 7th in both seasons, is also quite a good success for me. :roll:

But mid 2017, my motivation for GR was very low, and with the 2016 PGRF1 season over by the end of 2016, with the 2017 season delayed more and more into 2018 (it still wasn't launched up to this date, more on that later), with GRTCC S7 ended in June, and the decreasing amount of events, I decided to stop really racing in GR. But before doing that, because I didn't wanted to disappoint my LDR teammate Kuba, I decided to race LDR S0 with Kuba. Thanks to Kuba, we dominated that. But by the end of the season in November, I decided to stop racing in GR indefinitively due to my lack of interest and my commitment to a other game.

Recently, I still checked the PGR forums and found a invitation to the new GRPL F1 + F2 league in the news slot, later I also found a notification via my email that I got a PM here, also an invitation to the GRPL league. I found it nice that you invited me to join your league, :bg: but I didn't because of lack of time and interest towards GR. I might maybe join your Discord, but I don't know if that would be really necessary especially since I wouldn't race there anymore.

So, we're now here. I'm not saying this is the death of GR, because, as GRPL seemingly shows, there is still a community playing this game, but I won't really be a part of this anymore. I might still occasionally peak and lurk in here and PGR, but for racing GR1 competitively, this is it for me. If GR2 comes out, and that is a big if, then I might be interested to look at this closer and maybe join some events, but until then, I don't know if I'll touch GR1 again.

Overall I had very much fun overall in those 3 years racing with you. And I'm glad I found many friends here, like zgr, Maclape, NicolasP, ivan and of course the members of both big GR communites PGR (like XYY, Rudy and co.) and GRPL (like Kuba, Marcinho, Gzehoo etc.). I was happy not only chatting with you in Off-Topic, but also about tracks and cars, but also racing with and against you all.

Typing that I also remembered that I made a car (which wasn't good) and some tracks. One on my own, that wasn't so good, but then I found some tracks in the Abandoned WIP thread, that I decided to finish. I only did small Finishing Touches before releasing the tracks, and gave most of my credits to the original creators, but that inspired me to do the FTs on JE81, aka Panaco. (hub page for JE81). It won TotM :tom: June 2015, which I was also some sort of proud for it for being part of a TotM winning JE team :D , but I also know, that without the track makers who did the whole work by making basically 99% of the track on their own, that this track would be impossible, so a big thank you for BBA, for doing JE, aswell as my collegues who lay down the foundation for the track: Scholl, sartalas, Dragon, Trigger Happy, cocney and WouterVL. :bg:

So, well, that's everything I had to say to you. I hope I see you all somewhere else, either in here, or somewhere else. Have fun continuing to play GR, both casually and competitive. Goodbye. :wave:

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Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:17 pm
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Post Re: Good bye and other personal announcements
RobertRacer wrote:
Goodbye. :wave:

See you, Robert! I'll let you know about PGR F1, no need to check the forums regurlarly. :)

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Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:13 am
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Post Re: Good bye and other personal announcements
We'll miss you, RR!

Hi! I'm Rendy, and welcome to GeneRally!

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Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:55 am
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Post Re: Good bye and other personal announcements
Hello GR guys again! I don´t know, if I stay here for long, but - let´s see. Quick check told me that, that many people stayed here. I don´t know when I left, it is 3-4 years?

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Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:19 pm
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