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Author:  Hormous [ Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:57 am ]
Post subject:  GR Stages Encyclopedia

Hello :wave: ,

I want to share the list of stages I have stored in my GR. :goodvibes:
Originally I would have made a complete list of all the GR stages I could found, but in the end I opted, as a starting point, to include only the best ones, the stages which I effectively use (more or less).
I think the list could be a nice tool for various purposes, also I'd like this to be an open list, if you know about some nice stages not included here just let me know, I'm sure there are lots more not included here. :please:
I've tried also to include the links, if there isn't the link I simply don't know where it can be downloaded. :meditate:

The list is divided in two parts and is sorted by author. In the first part I included the ones which I consider to be the most important stages creators (I could be wrong in some valutations).

Note that names of packs/stages are not always the right ones :hide: , I included also a very brief description of them (the surface "dirt" it generally refers to a mix of gravel,mud,sand...).

First part: :boat:


Argentina [tpk] [8stg 7maps, dirt(gravel,mud)]
Barborka [tpk] [4stg 4maps, tarmac]
Capovalle [1stg, tarmac/gravel]
Finland [tpk] [9stg 9maps, dirt(gravel,sand,mud)]
Islas Canarias [tpk] [9stg 9maps, tarmac] (2 versions, the older has 6 stg 6 maps)
Krakowski [tpk] [6stg 5maps, tarmac] (NEW RELEASE)
Monte Carlo [tpk] [7stg 7maps, tarmac/some dirt snow sections (snow,ice,gravel)]
Poland [tpk] [13stg 7maps, dirt (gravel,sand,mud)]
Poland [1stg, gravel]
Sweden [tpk] [8stg 8maps, dirt snow (gravel,ice,snow,mud)]


Germany [tpk] [14stg 14maps, tarmac]


Acropolis [tpk] [11stg 10maps, various, mainly gravel]
Aras River [tpk] [10stg 10maps, various]
Nederlandse [tpk] [7stg, 7maps, mud]
Stromland [tpk] [8stg 7maps, tarmac/gravel with ice/snow]
Zuid-Holland [tpk] [7stg 7maps, dirt/tarmac]

All these can be found here


Barum [tpk] [8stg 8maps, tarmac]
Safari Kenya [tpk] [17stg 17maps, dirt (gravel,sand,mud)]


Ancareg [tpk] [15stg 9maps, mud]
Caspenium [tpk] [13stg 9maps, tarmac]
Dakar [tpk] [12stg 12maps, dirt (gravel,sand)]
Glimmeroff [tpk] [15stg 9maps, grass]
Mallinthon [tpk] [14stg 9maps, gravel]
Saratrus [tpk] [15stg 9maps, dirt (gravel,sand,mud)]
Tropical [tpk] [15stg 9maps, dirt (sand,gravel)]
Winteria [tpk] [15stg 9maps, tarmac/ice,snow]
Yasinthur [tpk] [15stg 9maps, tarmac]

All these can also be found here

Mad Dan

1000 Lakes [tpk] [11stg 11maps, dirt]
Bohemia [tpk] [14stg 14maps, mud]
Canada [tpk] [13stg 13maps, mud/ice]
Cyprus [tpk] [10stg 10maps, dirt]
CZE Stages [2stg 2maps, tarmac] (along with the cars)
Mexico [tpk] [8stg 8maps, dirt]
South Africa [tpk] [13stg 13maps, dirt]


Gramac [tpk] [10stg 7maps, dirt/tarmac]
Keltik [tpk] [13stg 5maps, dirt/tarmac]
Osatlah [tpk] [12stg 12maps, various, mainly tarmac]

Otto Wilson

Finland 1000 Lakes[tpk] [14stg 10maps, gravel] (2 versions, differs for PoV)
"Monte Old" [3stg 2maps, tarmac/ice,snow] Only view ("Rosans" and "Vitroelles" maps) ->
Niznac [1stg, tarmac]
Sospel Stages [tpk] [2stg 2maps, tarmac/ice,snow]
"Sospel More" [2stg 2maps, tarmac/ice,snow] Only view ("La Bollene" and "Sospel" maps)
Stages [4stg 4maps, various] (along with the cars)


"Mexico/Cyprus" [6stg 6maps, dirt (gravel,sand,mud,grass)] Only view (stages 1,3,9,10,11,12) , some of these can still be downloaded from this gamepack
"Ireland" [3stg 3maps, tarmac]
"Sardinia" [3stg 3maps, various]
"Sweden" [2stg 2maps, snow/ice, mud]

Second part: :boat:


SS1 [1stg, dirt(gravel,mud)/tarmac]


Arrally [1stg, tarmac/mud]
Osnabruck [1stg, tarmac]


Corona [tpk] [6stg 6maps, gravel]


Harbour [1stg, tarmac]


Finland [1stg, snow]


67 [3stg 1map, dirt]
69 [1stg, tarmac]


"Cyprus" [tpk] [4stg 4maps, dirt(gravel,sand)]
"Germany" [tpk] [4stg 4maps, tarmac]
"Sweden" [tpk] [5stg 5maps, dirt snow/tarmac]
"Gr.Britain" [tpk] [4stg 4maps, dirt(gravel,grass,mud)]


Broad [tpk] Only view
Caracal [tpk] [7stg 7maps, tarmac] Only view


Finland [tpk] [15stg 9maps, gravel]

Michael Allen

BMR 10 [1stg, mud/tarmac] (Along with the Tom pack)
CCR 06 [1stg, mud/tarmac] (Along with the Tom pack)


"Gr.Britain" [tpk] [6stg 3maps, mud]

Rat Boy

Australia [tpk] [9stg 9maps, mud]


Blacc Lake [2stg 1map, gravel, dirt snow]
Uciekajka [1stg, tarmac] (2 versions, old and updated)

There's other stages which can be seen in the GWR site, actually it seems they're not restored.
Some examples:
Only view
Only view and all the others in this cahampionship...

Author:  Szmajli [ Thu Dec 13, 2018 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GR Stages Encyclopedia

Some stages are missing from my collection! So Thank you! :bg:

Author:  ZephirPFS47 [ Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GR Stages Encyclopedia

Thank you for this list :bsmile: , i didn'expect there were so much stage tracks :o
I already have just a third of them so for me this is a BIG score :greedy: :D

Author:  MidnightRunner [ Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GR Stages Encyclopedia

Otto Wilson also did Lantosque (from Rallye Monte Carlo), but I don't know if it was released officially.

Author:  Hormous [ Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GR Stages Encyclopedia

MidnightRunner wrote:
Otto Wilson also did Lantosque (from Rallye Monte Carlo), but I don't know if it was released officially.

Never heard about that stage. I don't know, some unreleased by him were included in some gamepack...but with different names...
It could be interesting since everything made by Otto is excellent.

Szmajli and Zephir, happy to know that this list can be helpful! :hattip:

I made also a small update, included where to found two oldies by Michael Allen and some Spykee stages from a compo gamepack...I included also some "only view" links to the GWR site.

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