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Reuploading handbook for cars
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Author:  Herbal [ Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Reuploading handbook for cars

Posts should be divided by authors, and if possible, the actual author should start the topic, in order to have less work for the moderators. This post HAS TO include a list of carpacks/cars reuploaded here. This could also include links to the post it has been attached.
Note, that upload limit is 5 attachments per post, so please try to post the right amount, or else moderators will delete them.
Carpacks may be sorted of course, in a logical order (e.g. cronology -years, months-, theme, trackpacks, etc.)

Reupload is allowed for now only by the original authors! This is to prevent mass uploads. Thanks for your patience. ;)

Ah and I can't stress it enough: DON'T upload to anyone else's thread, as it may be done only by the mods or the author itself! Those post which are against this, will be deleted, without notification.


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