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 [roa] [cir] Mte Carloop 
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Post [roa] [cir] Mte Carloop
Hello guys,

Mte Carloop is not originaly a track of mine, It was called "Monte Carlo UP", it's a track create by Ouais in 2002.
I tried to contact him for his approuval, but without success. ( invalid email address )
This track has such a potential, I took on me the responsibility to upgrade it.

I redesigned his track, like a good AI and an aesthetic Lmap. So I draw a new one.(without any judgments about his work of course).
The Hmap was retouched on some points, but nothing critical as it was well done originally. AI is now more faster.
As I'm not able to use SnakeDitor still, it's all handmade,so not perfect.
I modified the name too, and signed "Ouais & Mickymax69".

I tried to brought out the best of his work through my vision and without pretension. (I'm not use to do that).
Works fine with various cars, just as well with the original car, and Masa's versions too!
I wish you to have the same fun as me.

P.S : Message to Ouais - if you read me, you can contact me, I'll be happy to talk about your tracks.

Old track 2002.jpg
Old track 2002.jpg [ 251.99 KiB | Viewed 1616 times ]
Mte Carloop.jpg
Mte Carloop.jpg [ 392.33 KiB | Viewed 1616 times ]
Mte [618.78 KiB]
Downloaded 90 times
Mon Oct 07, 2019 3:24 pm
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Post Re: [roa] [cir] Mte Carloop
Nice upgrade of the track! :bg:

To finish first, first you have to finish!

Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:48 pm
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Joined: Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:38 am
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Post Re: [roa] [cir] Mte Carloop
Thank you, Txizzle. :bsmile:

Tue Oct 08, 2019 5:33 pm
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Post Re: [roa] [cir] Mte Carloop
Nice recreation here, but like we can't know if he's agree with uploading one of his track modified, normally you don't have to upload this, even if it's well made. :vsad:

But... you can say that you took inspiration from this track and create a new one from scratch. Changing only a few words, staying in the truth, changes all.

But really, from my personnal point of view, I always found it ridiculous to protect these tracks with copyright, readmes and so on like precious paintings from Renaissance era. So I don't care. :P

And you credits the original author, what I find necessary and kind. :bg:

Well, for the track, it's well done visually (cant' test it, my bad), flowers are a nice touch, but I don't know why you put snow only at the back of your track despite the changes of hmap, instead of putting snow on the top of your track, when hmap is more elevated. Seems more logical to me, but maybe you had reasons to do so. And what is this red thing at the pit stop ? Emergency phone ? Small fuel station ? Persian carpet ? :D

You may also add a road joining the track from the borders, as it will feel more realistic and not like a circuit, but it's small details here, understanding that you want to respect the original layout of this track.

The original was fun to race, this one will be good as well I'm sure of it.

Thanks again ! :bsmile:

By the way, to create your next tracks, why not trying Gimp ? It's free, and you will find a lot of useful tools to create your lmap in a quick and creative way. It takes some times to use it of course, but it will not be waste time. Adding GRHMEdit for Hmap, you will create great tracks. :nod:


Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:28 am
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Post Re: [roa] [cir] Mte Carloop
Hello Kikwik,

To create tracks I use Photoshop, but I'm a noob with SnakeDitor, so it takes time to polish a track... I know about GRHME, thanks, and used it for my two first tracks. I'm still learning to deepen my understanding, there is some functions to clarify. :sweatdrop:

I applied the same rules used in modding community on the nexus (Skyrim), where everybody can take assets from other mods to use or modify it. (without any response from modder it's like a consent)
It is understood I won't take a track from someone and modify it as an habit, If I do it, there is minimal conditions : ask for approval first, old track, and the obvious need of some improvements (AI & Lmap). But as I said, it's without any feeling of superiority or something else.
Sometimes you'll modify one thing or two on someone's track to make it more at your taste, and keep it for yourself. It's just my vision of the track I saw as a clear evidence, and you want to share it with other gamers, without offending the track creator.
Personally, I don't care if someone modify my tracks, I'll be more critical of course if it's a lot of nonsense.
As I change a lot of things, I could have said it's enterely a new track ( it's not false...) even if I copied the Hmap and pretend it have the same look...but I'm honest, and wanted to value his work whitch I exploited as a base. It's why I put his name on as the original creator.

I agree with you about the combinaison snow/ height, it seems more logical but I wanted to give priority to the speed, so I privileged asphalt. :hiya: I put snow later as an element of decoration. This meant the weather is rather mild.
The "Rally de Monte-Carlo" happens in January, there is sometimes harsh weather, and I put a little bit of melted snow, just to remind it occurs sometimes.
But there is a possibility I upgrade the track or make another version later, with more snow in some aeras (what I was sometimes wondering if I will do it or not).
But give a try and test the AI... :nod:

As it's not a real track [rwl], even if it surely inspired by the road network near Monte-Carlo, I didn't add roads cause of the cartoonish aspect it have, the changed name come from it : Monte-Carloop, it's a volontary choice.(as you said too, original layout)
Now the "thing in red" is a french firefighter panel (helmet and flames) ... :mrgreen: but with low

Thanks you for your sincerity & remarks.

Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:03 am
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