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GeneRally Rank 4 by AlexeyK and James Burgess
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Author:  Trigger Happy [ Fri May 28, 2010 12:40 am ]
Post subject:  GeneRally Rank 4 by AlexeyK and James Burgess

GeneRally Rank 4 by AlexeyK and James Burgess is a way of comparing yourself with other GeneRally players around the world! Basically, via a set of mathematical calculations and based upon pre-set laptimes, your GR Rank is determined. This rank (either a plus or a minus score - minus is better) will give you a method by which you can compare yourself to other GeneRally drivers. All drivers must drive with the default GeneRally cars (any of them) and on the default GeneRally tracks!

James Burgess and AlexeyK

This ancient tool was inspired by rank systems of other games (like famous GPL Rank) and it is AFAIK based mainly on times of AI drivers at level 200. Sadly, it was never properly finished - mainly security system against cheating, which is possible thanks to original checkpoints, or wallbouncing, so the final values of particular drivers have minimal value in comparison with each other - this basic problem obstructed its main goal. It was mixed together with another problem - low design quality of 1st generation of default tracks, so the tool lost popularity and went off usage. No matter on this, it will give you little bit of fun for at lest few minutes. :) BTW even if its sharing is very limited (check readme), I asked and received permission to restore it. Here it is:
GeneRally Rank 4 by AlexeyK and James [16.96 KiB]
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