GRASCAR Season 10

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GRASCAR Season 10

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Welcome again everyone to the 10th season of GRASCAR, a series based off NASCAR where you go fast, turn left on a series of both real life ovals, fictional ovals and now with additional roval and circuit action.

Unlike prior seasons, there will be no pre-season race due to calendar constraints and the 9 race season will run from Monday 17/1/22 until Sunday 6/3/22, with some weekends having two events on a Saturday and Sunday respectively

Sign up is now available here on the #grascar-signup over on the GRIF discord channel. See the rules for the correct way to sign up (same as last season):

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to go through the rules and feel free to download the game pack on the #grascar-download channel. While the changes are minor, mostly in terms of lower tyre wear for road courses and the lowest scoring round being dropped (in line with GRPL comps), it's worth having a refresh on the rules.

Once again, a massive thanks to GRPL for hosting the login system and the discord channels, as well as Lerhond for assisting massively in organising.




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