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Re: GRChA Generally Touring Cars Challenge :: S7 [login] [ra

Post by RobertRacer »

RobertRacer wrote:
FRUKIScze wrote:
Areen wrote:Maclape in Finland and England at the same time? We will investigae this! :sherlock:
Have you ever heard about game called "Portal" or "Portal 2" ? :scratch:
@maclape: Can I also have a portalgun? :D

2 and a half years later, that Portal gun got used in Race 1. :shhh: Unfortunally, it sent me back a few times to P3 after my 25.xx lap. :(

But Race 10 was the final which I deserved. First race win in my home country Germany. :heyea: Unfortunally, Gzehoo still got P3. :ouch: But it's ok. In Season 8 Gzehoo will fail like in Season 6 when he finished 3rd last season. :twisted:

See you (maybe) in Season 8. :wave:
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Re: GRChA Generally Touring Cars Challenge :: S7 [login] [ra

Post by JHvP »

Thank for entertaining season, I enjoyed these cars and tracks much. Shame I had so many technical issues, in Nordschliefe 1 I again could not do a screen again (race time was really bad, but I tried for a FL and did 35:14..). Gratz to winners!
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Re: GRChA Generally Touring Cars Challenge :: S7 [login] [ra

Post by Mad Dan »

Sorry for not racing in the last round, got very busy so it was impossible :/
anyway thanks for organizing this championship :) I hope you will make one again.
Congratulations to the winners, you guys are real fast :bg:.
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