Who plays Minecraft?

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Re: Who plays Minecraft?

Post by Thunderstrucker »

Can you make a pedestrian bridge? :D
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Re: Who plays Minecraft?

Post by MidnightRunner »

Thunderstrucker wrote:Can you make a pedestrian bridge? :D

I've tried Pedestrian Bridge and Booth.
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Re: Who plays Minecraft?

Post by Sartalas »

Okey, here is my world:
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Re: Who plays Minecraft?

Post by resir014 »

Have you guys listened to the new soundtrack album for Minecraft?

C418 has confirmed we will be able to hear it in-game within a few days.

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Re: Who plays Minecraft?

Post by egamad »

Hi guys! :wave:

Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I just wanted to invite anyone who plays Minecraft to check out my new server. I haven't been active as a trackmaker here in ages, but I still lurk the forums and feel a part of this community, and I though you guys would like to visit.
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Re: Who plays Minecraft?

Post by denisse70 »

im glad im not the only one who grabs every axolotl they see even if they have to make new buckets
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