Track Restoring Task

Tracks released on forum of and lost by its crash(es). Reupload currently possible only by original authors and TR.

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Track Restoring Task

Post by LongBow »

Track Restoring Task

Hi GR folks :wave:

As you might have noticed I have replaced TLN in the task of bringing back a part of the GR history. Unfortunately TLN lost all of his work done so far due to a HDD failure, so I have to start from ground zero.
Thanks to TuomoH I have the privilege to work my way out through more than 8 years of released tracks packed in their original zips.
My task is to bring back as much tracks as I can, respecting their authors permission about redistributing.

This will happen (more or less) in the following order:

1. The first step is to get through this massive tracks archive to sort it out and making a list of all authors/track/permission (its going to take me a while :coffee: ) done!
2. next step will be starting restoring tracks from authors that have given very clear permission about their redistribution
3. getting in contact with authors who didn't left any infos about redistributing their work and finding together a way to do so
4. creating a list of all tracks with no author infos and list of authors (and their tracks) which I were not able to get in contact with in order to restore their tracks

Ill use this thread to keep you up to date about the track restoring task. Please use this thread, (instead of this one) to post your ideas, suggestions, questions,...

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Re: Track Restoring Task

Post by LongBow »

OK folks, I have finished the 1. step of the track restoring task. Now I can start preparing the second step.

Some info about the zips/tracks that I went through:
- The database I was working on included more than 10.500 zips containing more than 15.600 tracks
- 25% of the tracks have readmes included (not necessarily means that redistribution permissions are included)
- 7,1% of the tracks are doubles and/or tracks with the same names.
- name that was used the most is Monaco (15 times)
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Re: Track Restoring Task

Post by Trigger Happy »

Great work, LongBow. :bowdown: I wish you many strength. :bg:
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Re: Track Restoring Task

Post by LongBow »

Its time for the second stage of the track restoring task. I have no idea how fast I will be able to work but Ill try to keep them coming on regular basis
This post (and most likely some more in the future) will also include a list of all authors which tracks were restored, including links to the their threads and list of restored tracks.

IMPORTANT: Even though I'm making all the restoring thing systematically and with a certain level of concentration its still possible that mistakes can happen. I ask you to report (via PM) any errors, missing tracks, illegal tracks, wrong tags, multiple names for the same author, or any other thing that is not correct!

List of restored authors in no particular order:

grawlix (a.k.a. David Burton, lonesomedave)
[cir] aeglin
[cir] ahyatarie (2 versions)
[cir] amloth
[cir] anarya
[stc] arta
[cir] atta (2 versions with 2 layouts each)
[cir] atwa
[cir] cainenlempe
[cir] cauca
[cir] celume (2 layouts)
[cir] coron
[cir] cuna
[cir] elenya (3 versions)
[cir] entulesse
[cir] erume
[cir] fallcreek
[rwl] [cir] gingerman
[cir] iia
[cir] lamalle
[cir] litse (2 versions)
[cir] lona
[cir] malle
[cir] meleth
[cir] nalta
[cir] nauca
[cir] oldo
[stc] osto
[cir] pende (2 versions)
[cir] [roa] SalinasGP
[cir] silme
[cir] sire
[cir] talta
[cir] taraoron
[cir] taure (2 versions)
[cir] tunga (2 versions)
[cir] valanya
[cir] vilin
[rwl] [cir] Imola
[cir] [tpk] Motorama Tarmac Paradise (9 layouts)
[ral] [cir] Iron
[cir] Bronze
[rwl] [cir] Albi 1967 ( v1.0 and v1.1)
[ral] Beachy
[rwl] [cir] Buenos Aires (5 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] East London 1965 ( v0.9 and v1.0)
[rwl] [cir] Goodwood
[rwl] [cir] Nürburgring 1967
[roa] Airport GP
[roa] Alpes GP
[roa] Alpine GP
[cir] Baan1
[oth] Bathroom gp
[oth] Book GP
[oth] Breakfast GP
[stc] City GP
[stc] City SC (2 layouts)
[cir] Classic GP
[stc] Factory GP
[oth] Glue-a-track
[cir] GRP
[roa] Harbour GP
[cir] Hills
[oth] Micro gp
[stc] Monaco
[roa] Railyard GP
[cir] Ruins GP
[stc] SSC
[oth] The hand
[cir] Train GP
World Tour Track Update Project 2006 – 2007
[cir] Algeria by bhz + bonus track
[roa] Belgium by Jerac (aka Jerrec) + bonus track
[stc] Brazil by Kaho (aka AleksiNir)
[stc] Brazil by rapstagangsta
[cir] Canada by ScoopArt
[ovl] Egypt by Gene Alex
[ovl] Egypt by Jerac (aka Jerrec)
[ovl] Egypt by Kaho (aka AleksiNir)
[ovl] Egypt by Kaho (aka AleksiNir) & duke_toaster
[ral] Finland by Arhan Bakan (aka arhpositive)
[roa] France by rapstagangsta
[roa] Germany by Markus Möller
[cir] Indonesia by AleksiNir
[cir] Indonesia by Scala
[roa] [stu] Italy by hidalgo.js
[cir] Japan by Kaho (aka AleksiNir)
[cir] Japan by Sam Emmett
[cir] Japan by SeKo
[cir] Sweden by Rayden
[cir] Sweden by TomISE + 2 bonus tracks
[cir] Switzerland by henkka_potku + bonus track
[cir] Switzerland by Michi Michkov
[ovl] USA by ADM
[stc] Australia by grb
[cir] Algeria by Markus Möller & AleksiNir
Original Track Update Project 2005
[cir] Agari 2005
[cir] Bytes 2005
[ral] Gilwan 2005
[cir] Gurveln 2005
[ovl] Kutfrod 2005
[stc] Mondega 2005
[cir] Nyrporl 2005 + [ral] Nyrporl 2005b
[cir] Pargy 2005
[ral] Sewring 2005
[ral] Snoogy 2005
[cir] Tachren 2005
[roa] Tantele 2005
[ral] Tusaye 2005
[cir] Wendan 2005
[cir] Wigeno 2005
[ral] Xupong 2005 + [ral] Xupong 2005b
[stc] BikeRace
[ral] [ovl] Dirt Sprint
[cir] Kodify
[oth] Test track
[tpk] MonsterPack
> [stu] Monstertrack01
> [stu] Monstertrack02
> [stu] Monstertrack03
> [stu] Monstertrack04
[tpk] MudWay (.car included)
> [ral] [ovl] MudWay-Circle
> [ral] MudWay-Drop
> [oth] MudWay-Eight
> [oth] MudWay-Location
> [ral] [ovl] MudWay-Oval
> [ral] MudWay-Track
> [ral] [ovl] MudWay-Triangle
[cir] Nonus (2 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Oulton Supercopa (4 layouts; .car included)
[stc] [roa] Porto Rosso (2 versions)
[cir] Sorvey (3 layouts, including drag version)
[stc] Streetrace
Kid A (a.k.a. Steven)
[ral] [roa] Apollo
[ral] Bark River
[rwl] [ovl] Brooklands
[cir] [roa] Dwinelle
[cir] Hollywood
[tpk] idiotmorning
> [ral] [oth] Idioteque
> [ral] [oth] Morning Bell
[ral] [oth] Kid A (2 versions/layouts)
[ral] Nirvana
[rwl] [stc] old Long Beach
[rwl] [cir] old Monza
[oth] Paintbox
[stc] Palo Alto (2 versions/layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Paul Ricard (2 versions: normal & „wet“)
[roa] Ummagumma
[stc] Zenith
Darjo (a.k.a. DiSi!)
[cir] Amuza Park
[cir] Anello Alpino
[cir] Camerun (part of Africa Tour - a JE with some other track makers)
[cir] Casino (collaboration with Speedshift)
[ovl] Cianbella (collaboration with Joshua)
[cir] Conte Marlo
[cir] Deimos Park
[cir] Deserere
[cir] DiSi!
[cir] Epica
[stc] Gipiesse
[cir] HaBe Ring (2 layouts)
[cir] Jaakkolering (2 versions)
[cir] Kallisto P.
[cir] Karso
[mic] [ovl] Lavatrice
[cir] Lolindir
[ral] Manzana
[rwl] [cir] Nürburgring (2 layouts)
[cir] Palendeil
[cir] Pipo-Ring
[mic] Remix-DiSi-1 (part of a track remix project)
[cir] RERaceWay2b (collaboration with Patte)
[cir] Saint Mungo (2 versions)
[cir] Tolonga Park
[cir] Tunisia (part of Africa Tour - a JE with some other track makers)
[cir] [roa] Vallen Ring
[stc] [roa] Villa Alpina
[roa] Yuntheosa
[cir] Zahum
Hova (a.k.a. Young Hova, Kevin A.)
[cir] Alevicre
[cir] Bona Venture
[rwl] [ovl] Camau Int'l
[cir] Demidem
[cir] Erante
[cir] Giygas (2 versions: easy and hard-GiygasAI)
[cir] GiygaX
[cir] Hova GP
[cir] Hova GP3
[cir] Hova Raceway
[cir] Hova Nave
[stc] HovCity
[cir] HoviFantasy
[cir] Idzua + PlainIdzua
[cir] MalGreen + MalGreen2
[stc] Malton
[cir] Nitine
[ral] [cir] Penxion (2 versions: mud and tarmac)
[cir] Sigma
[cir] Sigma Redux (Sigma remake)
[cir] Tatark
[cir] Tek
[mic] [cir] Terredes + TerredesXT
[cir] TeryaOne
[cir] TeryaTwo (a banked version of TeryaOne)
[cir] VoloBon
[cir] 4WDR
[cir] Agrai
[cir] Aslae (2 versions)
[cir] batch
[tpk] Auto-Nation ("show room" for cars)
> [mic] Gaznatin
> [mic] Gaznaton
> [mic] TreNaton
[cir] Besenhem
[cir] bilinka
[cir] carmbur
[cir] Concreta
[cir] debod
[cir] Dennerkul
[ral] gazames (collaboration with James F1 a.k.a. James Burgess)
[cir] Giske GP
[ral] hakma
[mic] [cir] harpon
[ral] herimitis
[cir] Hoyde
[cir] Kandørmeg
[cir] Kompliban
[cir] Litrou
[ral] Lyngeng (2 layouts)
[cir] Mirbar
[cir] myslot
[cir] Nichra
[cir] phanweb
[cir] pysha
[cir] quastik
[cir] Resort
[cir] rolly hills
[cir] schlim
[cir] Sisteforsøk
[ral] slintro
[cir] socred
[ovl] supdup
[cir] techstra
[cir] Tendec (2 versions)
[mic] [ral] tinlan
[ral] völgeter
Krisu (a.k.a. Lolster, -Krisu-, Kristian A)
[rwl] [cir] [ral] Ahvenisto (2 layouts)
[cir] Andre GP
[rwl] [cir] Hockenheim (3 versions)
[cir] Lyakami
[rwl] [cir] Österring (2 layouts)
[cir] Xavelot (collaboration with Paw)
Cabral (a.k.a. Marcelo Borges)
[rwl] [cir] Brasilia (Autodromo Internacional Nelson Piquet)
[ral] Caminho de Imperatriz
[cir] Horizon
[cir] Le Porshant
[rwl] [stc] Long Beach
[roa] Parque Nacional (v0.8 and v1.0)
[ral] Ufnaflag
[tpk] Rio Grande do Sul/Pampas Rally
> [stg] [ral] SS01 Bahguri
> [stg] [ral] SS02 Charque
> [stg] [ral] SS03 Canoa
> [stg] [ral] SS04 Osório
> [stg] [ral] SS05 Triunfo
Sir Rally
[ral] Argnouy3
[roa] Lansid (collaboration with nielske)
[oth] Pagloni (search for the „ball“ here)
[ral] DMA Country
[ral] DMA Village
[tpk] SRKT
> [kar] Adnöh
> [kar] Dobby
> [kar] Eciep
> [kar] Enizag
> [kar] Ezteäg
> [kar] Gspöt
> [kar] Ketpai
> [kar] Oxung
[tpk] (ARS)
> [ral] Belgium
> [ral] CRV 4
> [ral] CRVS 1
[cir] Illerip
[cir] Ungo
[ral] ZaGam
[cir] GM-Raceway (collaboration with nielske)
[cir] Seynon (collaboration with nielske)
[rwl] [ovl] [cir] Archway - Gateway International Speedway (3 versions/layouts)
[ovl] BMV - BrisMondVille Motor Speedway (4 versions: normal + safepits + normal night + safepits night; use RFN's night reflective palette)
[ovl] [ral] Carnival Raceway (6 versions/layouts including safepits versions)
[ovl] [cir] Cotterpin Raceway (4 versions/layouts)
[ovl] Delta (normal and safepits version)
[ovl] Tripleai Speedway
[ovl] [ral] dzzdaytona (3 versions/POVs)
[ral] dzzgolf (.car included)
[rwl] [ovl] [cir] twswide - Texas World Speedway (2 layouts)
[ovl] [cir] USA + usamwest - Unincorporated Speedway Association (USA) - Midwest (v1.0 with 2 layouts + v1.1)
[cir] Glen Pointe (normal and safepits version)
[ovl] inapa (2 versions)
[rwl] [ovl] MIS - Michigan International Speedway (2 versions)
[ovl] NCS - DaRock (normal and safepits version)
[ovl] Niteland International Speedway
[oth] [ovl] [ral] NorthPole Raceway
[rwl] [ovl] [ral] North Wilkesboro Speedway (7 versions including safepits versions)
[rwl] [ovl] [ral] Rockford Speedway (6 versions/layouts)
[oth] The Room
[cir] Trilega - Unincorporated SpeedWay Association (USA) (2 versions)
[ovl] USAresort - Unincorporated Speedway Association (USA)
[ovl] usaSidney - Unincorporated SpeedWay Association (USA)
[cir] [ovl] [stu] XStrike
[ovl] 3 tribute
[ovl] dzz3ai
[ovl] dzzboo1031
[ovl] dzzsmallville (2 versions)
[roa] Entremontes
[ral] Entremontes Snow
[ral] Entremontes Rally
[cir] Drømmen
[cir] Kymäka
[cir] Mittendorf (in collaboration with nielske)
Fermmoylle (a.k.a. Marcelo Paschoalin)
[cir] aipins
[cir] austeri
[cir] bh
[cir] bonfim
[cir] cabralia
[cir] candeias
[cir] dalamare
[cir] ermat
[cir] fawre
[roa] fgrfat
[cir] floresta
[cir] gastoh
[wat] gurupi
[oth] helvak
[cir] Huktenn-AI
[cir] icaria
[ovl] [ral] iceoval
[cir] ilheus
[cir] Issun
[cir] ivelse
[cir] jarekfield
[cir] jpessoa
[roa] kalipso
[cir] lagash-rc
[ral] Lioness
[cir] macurure
[cir] Minara
[cir] mutari
[ral] Nizhal
[cir] ourives
[cir] pestar
[cir] pseguro
[cir] quadtier
[cir] recife
[cir] riachuelo
[cir] riltop
[cir] salvador
[cir] sarnath
[cir] serwin
[cir] Torlwar
[cir] turidel
[cir] ugard
[cir] veltinor
[cir] walzok
[tpk] Top 20 Road Course
> [cir] alagoi
> [cir] beryl
> [cir] citrine
> [cir] cumare
> [cir] delos
> [cir] Etrus-rc
> [cir] gelsir
> [cir] Golmor-rc
> [cir] Huktenn
> [cir] Jesporr
> [cir] Kosvad
> [cir] mameluco
> [cir] marek
> [cir] Morvir
> [cir] orveil-rc
> [cir] otraz
> [cir] parthen-rc
> [cir] Quartz-rc
> [cir] rastur-rc
> [cir] zalondor
[tpk] Top 20 Oval
> [ovl] avatar
> [ovl] banana500
> [ovl] Etrus-ovl
> [ovl] Golmor-ovl
> [ovl] itabuna
> [ovl] lagash-io
> [ovl] lagash-oo
> [ovl] mgerais
> [ovl] nordos
> [ovl] orveil-ovl
> [ovl] parthen-ovl
> [ovl] Quartz-ovl
> [ovl] rastur-ovl
> [ovl] xakorak
[cir] [stu] DoRaShEt
[cir] Blurst Ring
Haruna (a.k.a. ME-tan, Emi #2, Ayane, GTRTom,...)
[tpk] 3YearsThankYou_2
> [ovl] [roa] Avye 2007
> [ral] Miyabi East
> [ral] SuigintouPA
[cir] Bosco Verde
[cir] Chihaya_INT
[cir] Club Ami 2
[cir] Club Ami
[cir] Countryside
[cir] Wonderhill
[cir] Emiko
[tpk] Emi's Remix
> [roa] Iwese Kyo R
> [cir] Tsugaru APM
[tpk] flat-spot
> [roa] AyjerniusMS
> [cir] Dorcszy/g-track-3
> [cir] Hanakitai
> [stc] NielteisreL
> [stc] Osi GP
> [cir] PeachHill07
> [cir] PhenitiaPark
> [cir] RoselleINT
> [stc] Yukino (short and long version)
[cir] Green Forest (in collaboration with 343guiltyspark)
[cir] g-track-2
[cir] Haruka 1976
[tpk] Green Forest Rally 2 (in collaboration with 343guiltyspark)
> [stg] [ral] GF SS1
> [stg] [ral] GF SS2
> [stg] [ral] GF SS3
> [stg] [ral] GF SS4
> [stg] [ral] GF SS5
> [stg] [ral] GF SS6
[tpk] Nhep-Knal Rally
> [stg] [ral] NhepKnal SS1
> [stg] [ral] NhepKnal SS2
> [stg] [ral] NhepKnal SS3
> [stg] [ral] NhepKnal SS4
> [stg] [ral] NhepKnal SS5
> [stg] [ral] NhepKnal SS6
[cir] Izumi (2 layouts)
[cir] Le Rente RW
[stc] [ovl] Lolo Speedpark (4 layouts)
[ovl] Mega Mall Speedway
[tpk] Mahou Wokakete
> [roa] Futami Beach
> [cir] Haruna Int
> [stc] KikuchiDist
> [cir] Phenitia '07
[cir] Miura International (2 layouts)
[cir] North Academy
[cir] Shinku Circuit 2008 (6 layouts)
[cir] Shinku (2 layouts)
[cir] [ral] Smashhill (2 layouts)
[cir] Suiseiseki (2 layouts)
[stc] [ral] Suigintou (5 layouts)
[cir] Vila-Real (for RC cars)
[tpk] Old-School
> [cir] Amexdub
> [ovl] [roa] Avye
> [roa] Ayjernius
> [stc] Exaf
> [cir] Gueyfa
> [ral] Hyejye
> [cir] Icvey
> [cir] Kavoomne
> [roa] Kobyoze
> [cir] Naigap
> [roa] Nielteisre
> [cir] Oyeo
> [roa] Qiah
> [cir] Ros
> [cir] Wiecsi
> [cir] Yyye
[stc] Andover GP
[cir] NST (3 versions)
[cir] Park Wood
[cir] Pressac
The Orange Mage
[roa] [ral] Backwoods (3 layouts)
[cir] Baitha River Raceway
[cir] Grendlehorn Raceway (2 layouts)
[cir] Hienburg (in collaboration with rc-racerke)
[tpk] Monster Truck Mayhem
> [ral] [stu] MTM1
> [ral] [stu] MTM2
> [ral] [stu] MTM3
> [ral] [stu] MTM5
[stc] Suburbs
[stu] The Pit
[cir] Canidea
[cir] [roa] Frozen Track
[cir] [roa] Ivory Ranch
[cir] Kory Island
[cir] Minie
[cir] Redwood Lake
[cir] Regan Park
[roa] Villa vinez
[stu] Danger River
[cir] Forest Race
[cir] Furric
[cir] [roa] Little road
[cir] Twin bridges
[cir] [ral] [stu] 2ND track (3 versions)
[cir] [ovl] Beginner (4 layouts)
[cir] Hugen (v1.0 and v1.1 with 2 layouts each)
[cir] Seneca (2 versions)
ChiliFan (a.k.a. Troy Green)
[cir] Camden 60s
[cir] Camden 90s
[stc] Canuga Town (2 versions)
[ovl] Manzanita
[rwl] [cir] Imola (2 versions)
[rwl] [cir] Le Mans 1985
[rwl] [cir] Le Mans 2006
[ovl] Matchams
[cir] Solaris
[cir] Sondico (GP and F1 layout)
[ral] Tobnuut
Canadiens1160 (a.k.a. Mike Talamantes)
[tpk] Genuine Formula
> [cir] Benatar
> [roa] Cally
> [ovl] Dirty Elton
> [ral] Edgewise
> [cir] Scotch
> [cir] Sir Elton
> [cir] The Motoplex
> [cir] Whistler
[tpk] Reload (in collaboration with TomMcKay, check the readme for more info)
> [ovl] Beckenham
> [stc] Birmingham GP
> [cir] Charting GP
> [ral] Hovail Park
> [cir] Plum Orchard
> [ral] Popmart
> [ral] Rocksalte
> [cir] Sugar Slick
> [stc] Veneca
[tpk] Canadiens III
> [stc] Cannes
> [cir] Crocker
> [cir] Daisy II
> [roa] Dreamtyme
> [cir] Fair-a-daisy
> [roa] Mellowyell
> [cir] Stente Park
> [cir] [oth] Superimposed
> [roa] Tobias
> [ral] Walleye II
> [roa] Walleye Pike
[cir] Clayton MSC
[ovl] [ral] Brushfire - Old Dirt Track
[ovl] [ral] Brushfire - Old Dirt Track (night)
[cir] Rutherford
[stc] Cote d'Azur
[ovl] Del Ray Speedway
[stc] Diamond City
[stc] Diamond GP
[oth] Cabbot Field („ball“ included ;) )
[ral] Forest Circuit
[stg] Forest Stage
[cir] Kilger MP (safe pit version included)
[cir] Mount Syphen
[cir] North Park
[ovl] Parc Fist
[cir] Quickie-ton
[cir] Riverdale
[cir] Scranton Raceway (2 layouts)
[roa] Sunny Isle
[roa] Trial Mountain (track from GT3)
[tpk] Mainstream
> [roa] Crue Park
> [mic] Foxxxy Lane
> [cir] Impressum
> [oth] Moonraker
> [roa] Mount Etna
> [ovl] Oakford Oval
> [mic] Rockenroll
> [ovl] [cir] Sonneque (II)
xxflip (a.k.a. Robert Filipe)
[cir] Challenge
[cir] [ovl] The Diamond Complex (2 layouts)
[cir] [ovl] EGG Complex (2 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Estoril
[cir] gr5 (A comemorative layout for generally, celebrating it's 5 years running, which includes a reverse line track as well.)
[cir] [ovl] The Hotel Complex (2 layouts)
[cir] [The Long Bend
[cir] [ovl] MIB Complex (2 layouts)
[ovl] Oval Resort
[rwl] [cir] Race of Champions (Rally Super Special with the 2005 and 2006 layout)
[cir] [ovl] The Pond Complex (4 layouts)
[mic] Trespassing
[cir] Autodrome
[stc] [stu] Etmeuseud
[kar] Kindoor
[cir] Laquais
[tpk] Persy Tour
> [ral] [stu] Persyjere
> [ral] [stu] Persylone
> [ral] [stu] Persymene
> [ral] [stu] Persytire
[oth] The Arena
[ral] [stu] Salt Lake
[stu] Stair
[oth] MicroM-Roulette
[oth] Tube
[tpk] RSC down time
> [ral] Icdyerpyyg
> [cir] Lagoon Raceway
> [ral] Opu
> [roa] Oqisli
> [cir] Peckow Forest
> [ral] Qatar
> [cir] Quuwoopa
> [cir] Turoyng Motor Park
> [cir] Zachmeer
[cir] Amerika
[roa] Cyaj (2 layouts)
[cir] Ecuxuox
[cir] Erfield
[cir] Esi
[cir] Kios
[cir] Lanfairmills
[kar] Megk Karting Facility (2 layouts)
[cir] Nivza
[ral] Nouds
[cir] Nyenidme
[cir] Nyrporl 2005 (part of the „2005 original tracks update“ project)
[cir] Otrohus
[cir] San Gurina
[cir] St. Lotreau
[cir] Trays
[cir] Uwai
[cir] Vuckinhaim
[cir] Farnish Hill
[rwl] [cir] A1-Ring
[cir] Al-Halal (2 layouts)
[cir] [ovl] Desert Ring (4 layouts)
[cir] Energy Park (7 layouts)
[cir] Fir Valley (3 layouts)
[cir] Forza (3 layouts)
[cir] Halwood (3 layouts)
[cir] Hillfield (2 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Hockenheim
[roa] [stc] Intersection
[cir] Joker's Glen
[cir] Manington (3 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Montreal
[cir] Musa
[cir] [ovl] Nah-Sum (4 layouts)
[cir] Oswald Raceway (2 layouts)
[cir] Pirani (4 layouts)
[cir] [ovl] [kar] Sekata Raceway (4 layouts)
[kar] Spa Kart (3 layouts)
[cir] Sutresi
[cir] Tarrick Hill
[mic] Temeon
[rwl] [cir] Three Sisters(2 layouts)
[mic] Zwisty
Zioalfred (a.k.a. Dago)
[cir] [ovl] Bolidi Ms (4 layouts)
[stc] Fort Mason
[rwl] [ovl] Indianapolis Speedway (2 versions)
[rwl] [stc] Nice gp '32-'35
[rwl] [ovl] North Carolina Speedway
[roa] Porticciolo (2 versions)
[rwl] [ovl] [cir] Pikes Peak International Raceway (2 layouts)
[cir] Velodrome (3 versions)
Gábor Kozma
[rwl] [cir] Bahrain (v1.0 and v1.1)
[ral] CrossCountry
[rwl] [cir] Dijon-Prenois (4 versions/layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Hungaroring (various versions including old layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Imola (various versions including old layouts)
[rwl] [cir] [stg] Kiskunlacháza (normal and stage version)
[rwl] [cir] Magny-Cours (3 layouts)
[stc] Mdoweto (3 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Melbourne (v1.2 and v2.0)
[rwl] [stc] Monaco (normal and „light“ version)
[rwl] [cir] Monza (2 versions)
[ovl] Buffalo (3 versions)
[cir] Gurveln 2005 (part of the „2005 original tracks update“ project)
[rwl] [cir] Hockenheim
[ovl] Korea
[stc] Kurcsatov (2 versions; Gabor`s hometown ;) )
[rwl] [stc] Népliget
[rwl] [cir] PannoniaRing
[rwl] [roa] Reims (2 versions)
[rwl] [cir] Rijeka-Grobnik
[ovl] San Antonio
[stc] San Fernando
[rwl] [cir] Sepang (3 versions)
[rwl] [cir] Suzuka
[ral] Sydney
[cir] [ovl] American International Speedway (2 layouts)
[cir] Bourgogne
[cir] Champignac
[ovl] Circus Maximus Speedway
[cir] Citeaux
[stc] Dijon Gare
[cir] EuropaGP
[rwl] [cir] Fiorano (3 different versions/layouts)
[cir] GoldStone
[cir] Grand Prix de constance
[cir] Jim Clark Memorial
[kar] JotB Kart Indoor
[kar] Kart Master
[cir] La Pampa
[cir] La Tille
[cir] La Playa Autodromo
[cir] LittleThing
[cir] [ovl] Lonesome Town Speedway (2 layouts)
[cir] MiniForest
[ovl] [ral] MiniOval (2 layouts)
[cir] Pacific Speedway
[cir] Paladru
[rwl] [cir] Circuit de dijon-Prenois
[cir] Racing Paradise (2 layouts)
[cir] Robinson Island
[cir] Troivillers (4 layouts)
[cir] Val suzon
[cir] Circuit Paul Mistral
[ral] Bubble Park
[cir] Flø Beach Raceway (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Folembray
[ral] FonnaStadion
[stc] [roa] Ørsta
[cir] Skogvalla 76
[cir] Skorgedalen
[cir] Vyazovo 76
Black Rebel (a.k.a. David García)
[rwl] [stc] Alcañiz - Circuito de Guadalope (2 versions: with/without white lines on the road)
[rwl] [cir] Autodromo di Pergusa
[rwl] [cir] Autodromo Internacional de Curitiba (2 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Autodromo Riccardo Paletti - Varano (2 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Autopolis International Race Course (v1.0 and v1.2 with 2 layouts each)
[rwl] [cir] Barbagallo (3 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Brands Hatch (2 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez (2 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Donington Park (2 versions: with/without artwork gate with 2 ayouts each)
[cir] DVC Raceway (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Eastern Creek Raceway (2 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Circuito de Guadix (2 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Hidden Valley
[rwl] [cir] Hockenheim (3 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Interlagos (normal and LeMans version)
[rwl] [cir] Circuito de la La Torrica
[rwl] [cir] Laguna Seca (2 versions: with/without artwork gate)
[rwl] [cir] [ovl] Lausitz Eurospeedway (3 different layouts)
[rwl] [stc] Macau Grand Prix (2 versions)
[rwl] [cir] Norisring
[rwl] [cir] Oran Park (2 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Motopark Oschersleben (2 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Padborg Park (3 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Pukekohe Park Raceway
[rwl] [cir] Sandown Internacional Motor Raceway
[rwl] [cir] Spa Francorchamps
[rwl] [cir] Suzuka Circuit (3 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Symmons Plains Raceway (3 versions)
[rwl] [cir] Taupo (2 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Teretonga Park
[rwl] [cir] Winton Motor Raceway (2 different layouts)
Ben Buitendijk (a.k.a. Ben797)
[tpk] Acropolis rally
> [ral] [stg] Acropo Shake
> [ral] [stg] Acropo SS1
> [ral] [stg] Acropo SS2
> [ral] [stg] Acropo SS3
> [ral] [stg] Acropo SS4
> [ral] [stg] Acropo SS5
> [ral] [stg] Acropo SS6
> [ral] [stg] Acropo SS7
> [ral] [stg] Acropo SS8
> [ral] Acropo SSS (two layouts for dueling with another opponent)
[tpk] Aras River Rally
> [ral] [stg] ARR SS1
> [ral] [stg] ARR SS2
> [ral] [stg] ARR SS3
> [ral] [stg] ARR SS4
> [ral] [stg] ARR SS5
> [ral] [stg] ARR SS6
> [ral] [stg] ARR SS7
> [ral] [stg] ARR SS8
> [ral] [stg] ARR SS9
> [ral] [stg] ARR SS10
[tpk] Nederlandse Rally
> [ral] [stg] NED SS1
> [ral] [stg] NED SS2
> [ral] [stg] NED SS3
> [ral] [stg] NED SS4
> [ral] [stg] NED SS5
> [ral] [stg] NED SS6
> [ral] [stg] NED SS7
[tpk] Strömland Rally
> [ral] [stg] SLR SS1
> [ral] [stg] SLR SS2
> [ral] [stg] SLR SS3
> [ral] [stg] SLR SS4
> [ral] [stg] SLR SS5
> [ral] [stg] SLR SS6
> [ral] SLR SSS (two layouts for dueling with another opponent)
[tpk] Zuid-Holland Rally
> [ral] [stg] ZHR SS1
> [ral] [stg] ZHR SS2
> [ral] [stg] ZHR SS3
> [ral] [stg] ZHR SS4
> [ral] [stg] ZHR SS5
> [ral] [stg] ZHR SS6
> [ral] ZHR SSS (for dueling with another opponent)
[rwl] [cir] Adria International Raceway (3 different layouts)
[cir] Bersilano
[ral] [stu] Duke1
[ral] [stu] Evilas
[cir] [ral] Fargo (2 different layouts)
[cir] Halebay Airport
[cir] [ovl] Kuetec (v1.0 and v1.1 with 4 different layouts each)
[cir] Motorland (in collaboration with AleksiNir)
[cir] Pitium Park
[cir] Workay
[ral] Yayuk River
[rwl] [cir] [kar] Zandvoort (v1.0 and v1.1 with 9 layouts in total; in collaboration with Black Rebel)
[rwl] [cir] Zhuhai (in collaboration with Black Rebel)
[cir] Akrotiri (two versions)
[roa] Alpestre
[oth] Amusement Park
[cir] Aprennan
[cir] Arrow (two versions)
[cir] Badlands
[ovl] Blufftown (3 versions including safe pit)
[cir] Cambria (3 different layouts)
[stc] Cedar Falls
[ovl] [cir] Danton (4 different layouts/versions)
[tpk] Dash Why
> [mic] [cir] Droopy
> [mic] [cir] Kidney
> [miin collaborat [stg] [ral
[cir] [ovl
[cir] Green Forest ] The Hotel Complex ] GF SS2

[cir] Kosvad
[cir] Halwood ion with TomMcKay, check the readme for more infoc] [ovl] Loopy
> [mic] [cir] Pooly
> [mic] [cir] Sloopy (Sloopy is Droopy without a steep HMap)
[rwl] [cir] Monza c] [ovl] Dotsy
[ovl] Buffalo Dash
> [ral] Irrigated Field
> [ral] Isolated Ranch
> [ral] Meteor Crater
> [ral] Nowhere
> [ral] Oasis
> [ral] Oil Refinery
> [ral] Oil Wells
> [ral] On the Bluff 2
> [ral] On the Bluff
> [ral] Rockhopping
> [ral] Sandton
> [ral] Sandworth Estate
> [ral] Sandy Raceway
> [ral] The Beach
[ovl] Halibere (normal and safe pit version)
[ovl] [ral] Independence
[cir] Kianze (2 versions)
[cir] Kólowissi
[cir] Las Glorias
[oth] Lucky (1 tarmac and 2 mud versions)
[ovl] [ral] Mudtown (mud and ice version)
[ovl] [cir] Ossian (4 different versions/layouts)
[cir] Palinosa (v1.0 and v2.0)
[stc] Pier Seven (two versions)
[mic] [cir] Sandy
[ral] State Park
[stc] Suburbia (2 versions)
[stc] The Mall
[stc] The Mall 2 (4 versions)
[cir] Tropica
[cir] Eckaa (v0.5 and v1.0)
[cir] Hun-Pike (v1.0 and v2.0)
[cir] Peusz (v0.94 and v1.0) (in collaboration with nielske)
[cir] Summit Point Raceway (v1.1 and v2.0 – winter and summer)
[cir] Bamboo Motorsports Park (two version/layouts)
[cir] Itamjies
[cir] Alocaso
[cir] Azkaima
[cir] Banjirux
[cir] Buaxyies
[stc] Citaxo
[stc] Citaxo2
[cir] contano
[cir] Dipjestu
[cir] [stu] Ectakroq
[cir] Eizinne
[ral] Emanone
[ral] Forest
[ral] ForesUSA [stg] [ral] GF SS2

[cir] Halwood t v2

[cir] Geerhuto
[kar] GLtrack1
[kar] GLtrack2
[cir] Gokdeva
[stu] Hoprack
[cir] Iharu RW
[cir] Ikvonx
[ovl] Ipeegaz
[ovl] IpeegazCW
[cir] Istrour
[cir] [stu] Jydtaes
[cir] Kelumi Park
[cir] Knozze
[stc] Mobouga
[cir] Moeshire
[cir] Natbysmi
[cir] Raqtena
[cir] Refasto
[cir] [bt=2973]Hova (a.k.a. Young Hova, Kevin A.)[/url][/b]
[spoiler][cir] Alevicre[/ [cir] zalondor
[tpk] Top 20 Oval

[cir] [ovl] The Pond Complex t=1802]AlexeyK[/url]

[cir] Sorvey r][cir] Eckaa b]
[cir] Bona Venture
[rwl] [ovl] Camau Int
[cir] North Academy
[cir] Shinku Circuit 2008
[stc] [ [mic] [cir] Pooly
v0.5 and v1.0b]The Mall

[stc] The Mall 2 ]Sondari[/b]
[cir] tiscanne
[cir] Tiukres
[stc] [ral] Tsemgeh
[tpk] wyxsor
> [stc] Wyxsor1
> [stc] Wyxsor2
> [stc] Wyxsor3
[cir] Zufgror
[cir] Allbritton
[cir] Antrim Hills (2 layouts)
[cir] Antrim 2005 (2 layouts)
[cir] Bahanna
[cir] Blubberman (3 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Brainerd
[cir] Bunbury
[rwl] [cir] Carolina
[tpk] CopperChamp
> [cir] Kanelos
> [cir] Mansouri
> [cir] Shadwell
> [cir] Vandenburge
[cir] [ovl] Derryring (new and old version with 2 layouts each)
[cir] [ovl] Desert (3 layouts)
[cir] Gibson Island
[cir] Grimshaw
[cir] Guiliani
[cir] Hobart Field
[cir] JayHill (2 layouts + 1 older version named Hill)
[cir] [ovl] Lakewai (9 layouts, including safe pit version)
[cir] Maise
[rwl] [cir] Misano
[cir] Mount Bunya
[rwl] [cir] Mugello
[cir] Pacific
[rwl] [cir] Phillip Isle
[cir] Rodenbeck
[cir] [ovl] ToreVolta (4 layouts)
[cir] Watchtower
[rwl] [cir] Zolder
[rwl] [cir] Tocancipa
[rwl] [cir] Magione
Herbal (a.k.a. DXTR)
[cir] Sparo (2 layouts) - (in collaboration with GRF/The Noose) - already restored
[rwl] [cir] Sentul (in collaboration with BBA) - already restored
[rwl] [cir] Chengdu (in collaboration with BBA) - already restored
[rwl] [cir] Anglesey (in collaboration with BBA) - already restored
[cir] [ovl] Diotled Motoplex (4 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Dubai Autrodrome (4 layouts)
[evo] [cir] Grafberg - the evolution (8 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Marrakech (in collaboration with Don Sajtos)
[cir] Rollington (2 layouts)
[evo] [cir] UpperArrey (5 layouts)
[evo] [rwl] [cir] Zolder (2 layouts)
[cir] [ovl] Zonnebloem Racing Test Track (12 layouts)
[ral] Beskids
[ral] Dunes Race
[cir] Ezumi Park
[cir] GR8 Eight
[stc] GTA London
[stc] GTA
[roa] Helix
[cir] [ovl] Jolly Ring (circuit and oval version)
[stc] La Pino
[stc] La Roza
[stc] Lemon City (4 layouts)
[roa] Lidea
[stc] [ovl] Lobo City (3 layouts)
[cir] Lost Heaven (2 layouts)
[ral] Luna
[ral] [cir] Mini Park (3 layouts)
[oth] Pirates!
[ral] Ravine (2 layouts)
[ral] Zoom
[rwl] [stc] Birmingham
[rwl] [stc] Canberra
[rwl] [stc] Detroit (2 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Fuji (2 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Kielce
[rwl] [stc] Long Beach (normal and night version) - palette can be found in his website and on the GeneRally palettes archive
[rwl] [stc] Macau
[rwl] [stc] Marrakech
[rwl] [stc] Pau
[rwl] [stc] Porto
[rwl] [cir] Poznan
[rwl] [cir] [ovl] Puebla (3 layouts)
[rwl] [stc] Singapore (normal and night version) - palette can be found in his website and on the GeneRally palettes archive
[rwl] [cir] Slomczyn
[rwl] [stc] Surfers Paradise
[rwl] [stc] Valencia
[rwl] [stc] Yas Marina (3 layouts and night version) - palette can be found in his website and on the GeneRally palettes archive
Kinichie (a.k.a. Kinichie IV)
[cir] Akytaom
[cir] Kaystone'67
[rwl] [cir] Melbourne
[cir] Sallen
[cir] Oriaczi (2 versions)
[rwl] [cir] Silverstone
[cir] Sukuse (normal and short version)
[cir] Trenton 2007
[cir] Zathos (4 versions)
[tpk] Nymphetamine (some of the tracks in the pack are also released separately)
> [cir] [ovl] Azeroth (3 different layouts)
> [cir] Gyosb
> [rwl] [cir] Silverstone
> [cir] Sukuse (normal and short version)
> [cir] Tyrandar
> [cir] Zathos
Milton Du Pont (a.k.a. Andrea Tibiletti)
[rwl] [cir] Alastaro
[rwl] [cir] Assen (two versions: bikes and cars starting grid)
[rwl] [ovl] Atlanta Racing Speedway
[rwl] [cir] Carolina Motorsports Park
[rwl] [cir] Dunsfold Aerodrome - the Top Gear test track
[rwl] [roa] Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) (v1.0, v3.0 and v3.1)
[rwl] [cir] [ovl] Eurospeedway Lausitz (8 different layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Monza
[rwl] [cir] Most
[ral] Motor Show Bologna 2009 (the inside and outside layout)
[rwl] [cir] Oulton Park (bike and car vesions with 6 layouts each)
[rwl] [cir] Watking Glen (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Adria
[cir] Bahamas Freeport Raceway (3 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Circuit of Levante Binetto (two versions: bikes and cars starting grid)
[cir] Keimola (5 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Mugello ("new" and "old" version with 4 layouts each)
[rwl] [cir] Misano World Circuit (bike and car vesions with 2 layouts each)
[rwl] [cir] Le Mans Bugatti (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Kemora Moottorirata (various layouts for cars and bikes including winter versions)
[rwl] [cir] Thunderhill Raceway Park (4 layouts)
[rwl] [cir] Phillip Island (bike and car vesions with 2 layouts each)
[rwl] [cir] Sugo Sportlands (bike and car vesions with 2 layouts each)
[rwl] [cir] Tsukuba (bike and car vesions with 2 layouts each)
[rwl] [roa] Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe (regular and night version)
[rwl] [stc] Monaco - Monte Carlo
[roa] Avus
[rwl] [ovl] Talladega Superspeedway (road and oval version)
[rwl] [ovl] Richmond International Raceway
[rwl] [ovl] Rockingham Motor Speedway (21 different versions/layouts)
[rwl] [ovl] Bristol Speedway (2 versions)
[rwl] [ovl] Homestead Miami Speedway (4 layouts)
[rwl] [ovl] Phoenix Raceway (oval and road version + safe pits versions)
[rwl] [ovl] Kansas Speedway
[rwl] [ovl] Darlington Speedway
[rwl] [ovl] Walt Disney World Speedway (regular and night version)
[rwl] [ovl] New Hampshire International Speedway (oval and road version + safe pits versions)
[rwl] [ovl] Dover The Monster Mile Speedway (regular + safe pits versions)
[rwl] [ovl] Indianapolis (oval and road version) - in collaboration with Jimmy
[rwl] [ovl] Charlotte Lowe's Motor Speedway (oval and 5 road layouts)
[rwl] [ovl] Daytona International Speedway (oval and road version + safe pits versions)
[rwl] [ovl] Martinsville Speedway
[rwl] [ovl] Chicagoland Speedway (regular + safe pits versions)
[tpk] [stg] [oth] SKI WC05 (containing 47 skiing tracks + .car)
[tpk] [stg] [oth] SKI WC06 (containing 33 skiing tracks)
[tpk] [stg] [oth] SKI WC07 (containing 27 skiing tracks)
[oth] Cervinia Ski on Summer
[oth] Palio Di Siena (2 versions + .car)
[tpk] [wat] GrAmericasCup05 (6 tracks + .car)
[wat] Venice Historical Regatta
[tpk] Supercross 2006 pack
> [ral] Milano (normal and mirrored version)
> [ral] Las Vegas (normal and mirrored version)
> [ral] Orlando (normal and mirrored version)
> [ral] Houston (normal and mirrored version)
> [ral] Seattle (normal and mirrored version)
> [ral] Phoenix (normal and mirrored version)
FraG Design
[tpk] [cir] [stu] The Alphabet (containing tracks from A – Z)
[cir] [ovl] Abia (4 different layouts)
[cir] Appacks
[roa] Askuu
[roa] Ayers Rock
[cir] Bayview (5 different layouts)
[cir] Bracht
[stc] C.O.B.L.
[ral] Canyon
[cir] Ceicha
[ral] Deserted Zoo
[stc] [mic] Fibo
[cir] Gerliching (2 different layouts)
[ral] Grand Canyon
[cir] Herw (2 different layouts)
[roa] Horse Town
[cir] Jaivo
[roa] Juribes
[rwl] [cir] Laguna Seca
[cir] Langeoog
[mic] Litu
[ral] Mountain
[ral] North Park
[stc] Pareeso (normal and winter version)
[oth] Picnic
[cir] San Rocca
[cir] Siemz
[cir] Voogoo (v0.9 and v1.0)
[roa] Zwickau
[rwl] [cir] Laguna Seca (v1.02, v2.1 and v2.5)
[cir] [ral] Rustico Raceway (various versions)
[kar] APEX Lake Perris Karting Facility
[cir] Rolling Hills Raceway
[rwl] [cir] Portland International Raceway
[rwl] [stc] Long Beach Grand Prix (original and updated version by Dan Belcher)
[rwl] [cir] Road America (2 versions)
[cir] SanDiego Raceway
[rwl] [stc] St. Petersburg
[ovl] Irvine Business Motorsports Complex
vira lata (a.k.a. Wladimir-Augusto)
[cir] Moema Ring
[oth] Rasante drag
[rwl] [cir] Interlagos ˙80
[cir] AIWA
[rwl] [cir] Infineon (3 layouts)
[rwl] [ovl] Atlanta Motor Speedway
[wat] Santos Bay
[cir] Paranga hard
[ral] Itaimbezinho
[ral] Rally SERRA VELHA
[cir] Pedra Furada
[cir] Tatuapé Driveway Arena
[cir] Mongaguá
[cir] Showday
[ovl] GP Corrego Rapadura
[cir] Iron Butterfly
[cir] Iron Butterfly v2
[cir] DRY RIVER135
[ovl] Cond3
[oth] [stu] LAUNCHER
[cir] azoom (similar to Tatuapé Driveway Arena)
[ovl] W.F.500 (noS RACE)
[cir] [roa] Calgary Flats
[rwl] [cir] Road Atlanta
[cir] Changzai Speedway
[cir] Ile De Quebec
[cir] Ontario Bay
[cir] Vancouver United Circuit
[cir] Perth Park Circuit
[roa] Lake Manitoba
[rwl] [ovl] Chicagoland Speedway
[rwl] [ovl] Caraway Speedway
[ovl] [cir] Atlantic City Raceway (v1.0 and v1.1 with 4 layouts each)
[ovl] [cir] Beijing Olympic Circuit 2008 (oval and road versions)
[rwl] [ovl] Kansas Speedway
chesterfield (a.k.a. Angelo Zucca)
[ral] Digression
[cir] Lydpaqry
[cir] 51 min job
[stc] Seattle GT4 (normal and reversed version)
[mic] [ral] StonehGene
[mic] [ral] Nicaragua
[mic] [oth] Palladio
[ral] Siywu Ville
[roa] IseoLake
[stc] Mysquare (v1.0 and v1.1)
[kar] Amen550
[kar] Brentwood
[kar] chequered flag karting (short and long version)
[kar] Deavisons
[kar] Rissington (short, long and fast version)
K3rmiT (a.k.a. Grungy Nut)
[cir] mountainside
[stc] aquaplania
[cir] diorama
[cir] desertrix
[rwl] [ovl] Nazareth SW
[rwl] [cir] Monterrey GP
[rwl] [cir] Melbourne GP
[rwl] [stc] Adelaide (v1.0 and v1.1)
[cir] Anugal
[rwl] [cir] '02 Barca (Circuit de Barcelona)
[rwl] [cir] Cleveland GP (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [ovl] Dover
[rwl] [cir] '84 Estoril
[rwl] [cir] Interlagos (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [ovl] Lowe's Motor Speedway
[rwl] [cir] Laguna Seca
[rwl] [stc] Phoenix (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Sachsenring
[rwl] [stc] Vancouver
postman (a.k.a. Thomas Nielsen)
[ral] Aidly
[ral] Koidiog
[ral] Vladivostok (summer and winter version)
[ral] [ovl] Steeplechase
[stc] La Habana
[stc] Umlouh City
[stc] Santiago
[stc] Streets
[tpk] Skiing
> [oth] Bornio
> [oth] St. Morris
> [oth] Karmisch
[rwl] [cir] Padborg Park
[rwl] [cir] Ring Knutstorp
[rwl] [cir] Roskilde Ring (v1.0, v2.0 and v2.1)
[rwl] [cir] Ring Djursland (v1.0 and v1.3)
[rwl] [cir] Jyllands-Ringen (v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2)
[cir] [ovl] Heaton Park Raceway (oval and road course)
[rwl] [cir] Mantorp Park (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Parc des Chalmot (two layouts)
[cir] Urunga
[rwl] [cir] Kyalami'67 (v1.0 and v2.0)
[ovl] Pine Hills Raceway
[cir] Black Sail Valley
[cir] Kanadia (including Kanadia67 version)
[cir] Shannon (two layouts)
[stc] Beach
[ovl] Cooper (oval and road course)
[cir] Tocopilla
[ovl] Bristow
sgoodwin (a.k.a. Simon Goodwin)
[rwl] [cir] Brazil - Interlagos (two versions)
[rwl] [cir] Waterford Hills
[rwl] [cir] Hungaroring
[rwl] [cir] Sepang (v1.0 and v2.0 in colaboration with Acer)
[rwl] [cir] Indianapolis Motor Speedway (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Montreal (4 versions)
[rwl] [cir] Imola
[rwl] [cir] Melbourne
[rwl] [cir] Monaco (v0.9 and v1.0)
[rwl] [cir] Nurburgring (v1.0 and v2.0)
[rwl] [cir] Monza
[rwl] [cir] Silverstone
[rwl] [cir] Hockenheim (v0.9, v1.2 and v2.0)
[rwl] [cir] Aintree 1964 British F1GP
[rwl] [cir] Brands Hatch 1967 British F1GP (v0.99 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Imola 1967 San Marino F1GP
[rwl] [cir] Kyalami 1967 South African GP
[rwl] [cir] Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez 1967 Mexican F1GP (v0.89, v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Monte Carlo 1967 Monaco GP (v0.95 and v1.0)
[rwl] [cir] Mosport Park 1967 Canadian F1GP (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Zeltweg 1967 Austrian GP (v0.95 and v1.0)
[rwl] [cir] Rouen 1967 French GP
[rwl] [cir] Silverstone 1967 British F1GP (v0.95 and v1.0)
[rwl] [cir] Watkins Glen 1967 US F1GP (v1.0 and v1.1)
[rwl] [cir] Zandvoort 1967 Dutch GP
[rwl] [cir] Snetterton 1967
[rwl] [cir] Monza 1967
[cir] My arroba (v1.0 + v1.5)
[cir] Snakepit (v1.0 + v1.5 + v2.0)
[stu] 5jumps
[cir] Primal
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