Tracks by Spyr-1

Tracks released on forum of and lost by its crash(es). Reupload currently possible only by original authors and TR.

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Tracks by Spyr-1

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I will start the second stage of the track restoring task with Spyr-1 tracks.
I'm not sure if anyone remembers this guy but I surely do. He was part of the community for a rather short period of time and he only made 4 tracks but his distinctive style left an undoubted mark on trackmaking of that time. Enjoy...

[cir] My arroba (v1.0 + v1.5)
[cir] Snakepit (v1.0 + v1.5 + v2.0)
[stu] 5jumps
[cir] Primal

Note: If you're author of content restored in this topic and want to manage these files on your own (e.g. for updating attached files to their latest version), feel free to ask forum administrators or Track restorer to replace poster of the topic by your forum profile, which will allow you to edit the topic according your needs and wishes.
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