Restoring handbook for tracks

Tracks released on forum of and lost by its crash(es). Reupload currently possible only by original authors and TR.

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Restoring handbook for tracks

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Topics should be divided by authors, and if possible, the particular author should start the topic, in order to have less work for the moderators. This post should include a list of tracks restored there.

Note, that upload limit is 5 attachments per post, so please try to post the right amount, or else moderators will delete them.
Tracks may be sorted, of course, in a logical order (e.g. chronology -years, months-, theme, trackpacks, etc.), using of tags is recommended.

Restoring is allowed by the original authors themselves, by our Track Restorer (currently LongBow) or by others, but only if the author explicitly allow it in the first post of the topic! This is to prevent mass uploads. Thanks. ;)

Ah and I can't stress it enough: DON'T post to anyone else's topics, as it may be done only by the mods or the author itself unless you have something very important to say (like note about corrupted attachment etc)! Those posts, which are against this, will be deleted or moved to discussion topic without notification.

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