Project: GolfRomeo

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Project: GolfRomeo

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At start of April I made a small prototype of racing game.
I tought it was pretty fun, so I continued working on it and now it is somewhat of playable.
I have not comeup with a name yet so it's called Golf Romeo.

It was heavily inspired by Generally and I tought you guys might like it.
Looks like I'm not only one inspired by Generally, you guys have also made some pretty interesting Generally clones too :)
You can check it out from here:

The game is 100% free and open source so if you want to contribute feel free to do so.
Git Repository:

All the feedback is welcome, how the game works and feels.
If there are any developers I more than happy to take any advices about the state of the code & architecture.
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Re: Project: GolfRomeo

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Great! Downloading :) ....will be tested in the next few minutes.
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