[rwl] [cir] Symmons Plains

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[rwl] [cir] Symmons Plains

Post by Crowella »

One of the most fun real world layouts in GR, IMO, of course. Symmons Plains in Tasmania. Thought it was worthy of a smaller world size than normal just to add to the fun :D

Both the normal layout and motorcycle layout is included

AI is for Formula :cool2:

Next up will be The Bend now I've had some more practice with making open looking circuits

Side note: I really thought hard about adding LMap cars but they felt weird in place and just became a bit more blinding than I was hoping, also I wanted to give it a more open feel much like the circuit so consider that a stylistic choice
Symmons Plains.zip
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Symmons Plains

Post by Black Rebel »

BRAVO! Really like it and how you achieved that banking!
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Symmons Plains

Post by YoNnie »

I remember I wanted to make this track in the past, but seeing this I'm glad I didn't :D I don't think I'd make it better. Love the environment, pit area and the layout itself (it's more challenging to find perfect line than it seems). Great effort!
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Symmons Plains

Post by TuomoH »

This is just lovely, I really really really like it. A great excercise in making an empty terrain feel like it doesnt't need anything else. Also, love the way the track flows, and that banked corner. The AI is competetive too. 10/10. :bg:
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