[rwl] [cir] The Bend

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[rwl] [cir] The Bend

Post by Crowella »

Next up in what is now clearly my quest to make some missing real circuits, The Bend otherwise known as Tailem Bend. It's an enormous track in the real world and I managed to squeeze it in, even if it does have some of the most plain scenery around. :ouch:

Included is four variants:

The Bend GT - (GT Layout)
The Bend Int - (International Layout) (Current layout used by Supercars)
The Bend Wst - (West Layout) (*may* be used by Supercars in the future)
The Bend Est - (East Layout)

AI is for Formula

Next up is either a street circuit or road circuit, whichever I see most inclined to do :shhh: Enjoy as always and let me know what you think. :D

Slight side note: I should mention the AI in corner 1 isn't optimally as fast as I like. I genuinely have no idea why but the AI had been doing such unusual things there, even the pit AI was cutting through the infield on the exit for some reason unless I forced it to follow the line through the first two corners, don't ask why that's the case, after 15 years of making tracks I've never seen this happen once. :shock:

EDIT: Fixed the folder name from "Clean" to "The Bend", blame my folder organising :rofl:
The Bend.zip
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Re: [rwl] [cir] The Bend

Post by TuomoH »

When I first saw the GT layout, I was thinking that's way too much track. :D I don't usually race tracks longer than 1000 meters (1432 m :faint: ) but here racing felt good. However, I still prefer the International layout, that one is very enjoyable to drive. The AI works very well, I wouldn't want it to be any faster in the first corner. :D The scenery is plain, as you said, but you don't need anything else. Looking forward to your next work :yummy:
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Re: [rwl] [cir] The Bend

Post by Black Rebel »

Thanks for the wrok. This is an insane layout!
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