[cir] Desenagle

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[cir] Desenagle

Post by BRIX »

:cflag: Desenagle :cflag:

pack include:
~Desenagle B
~Desenagle C

Have Fun
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Re: [cir] Desenagle

Post by Thunderstrucker »

how is the C possible?
oh, a jump?
Keep doing this and you'll be in :tom:
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Re: [cir] Desenagle

Post by MattyG »

Looks pretty good, i like the layout and the flat bridge, but imo there should be more object types on the track, other then just trees, :) but the track still has a nice look about it.
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Re: [cir] Desenagle

Post by Trigger Happy »

About placing bridges - if bridge pillars must stand inside the route, IMHO is much better to have pillar in external side of curve than in apex side. :2c:
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Re: [cir] Desenagle

Post by ZeroCool »

Not bad track, but it has some mistakes.. Next time if you make few configs dont put it in a folder, because after unpacking for first time I didnt saw those tracks in game ;) I dont like that you changed rotation in B config, because bridge locks the view abit.. And, on config C there are only 2 pits, so should I forget about racing with AI there? Btw, take a look at making cliffs tutorial, because they look a little bit empty + got awful stones placement..
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