[ral] [stg] Swampshot - Joint Effort #67

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[ral] [stg] Swampshot - Joint Effort #67

Post by Bouncebackability »

Hello everybody! :wave:

Here i present Joint Effort track project #67.

A slightly flooded rally course through the countryside, with a circuit version as well as 3 rally stages.

Also a massive thank you to all who took part, i hope many of you will participate in #68!

Enjoy, Comments welcome as always.

Cheers, BBA!
JE67 Swampshot.zip
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Re: [ral] [stg] Swampshot - Joint Effort #67

Post by ZeroCool »

Its pretty decent track, I just dont like starting positions and the name :P
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Re: [ral] [stg] Swampshot - Joint Effort #67

Post by Darjo »

Uhm, I must say that there's way too much water.
The scenery is also somehow unrealistic (people living and fields being placed close to a swamp).
I don't like the layout so much because it's just turning all the time. Even when the track is straight-ish you must watch out for hmap and surface changes so you never have time to relax.
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Re: [ral] [stg] Swampshot - Joint Effort #67

Post by Trigger Happy »

IMHO great track. :goodvibes:

BTW it's not so unrealistic, in many places were people slowly drying swamps and turning them more and more to fields (in Finland as example?). And real rally is not about relaxing too. :mrgreen:

Great work, guys. :bg:
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Re: [ral] [stg] Swampshot - Joint Effort #67

Post by 1nsane »

Well the first thing that came to my mind was the old Netherlands, actually. At the time when they were still drying the land.

I guess this would be a bit of a pain to drive, just as Darjo said. I think the bump on the S/F-line wouldn't need to be there. That pitlane entry also looks very hazardous (reality-wise).

Nice job! :bg:
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Re: [ral] [stg] Swampshot - Joint Effort #67

Post by bduddy »

Great track - the only thing I'm missing is the "rallycross" layout that was suggested in the thread, as it was the one I most wanted to drive...
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Re: [ral] [stg] Swampshot - Joint Effort #67

Post by thegreatfalcon »

Don't like the name either but how much I do for the track :)
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