[roa] Airfield 70

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[roa] Airfield 70

Post by Bouncebackability »

Here is Joint Effort #70 finally

Our first track using the new objects, the track started magnificently with XYY's square, leading to a fun layout with a nice hmap.

Thanks to those that took part, hopefully the next project wont take as long :D

Cheers, BBA
JE70 Airfield 70.jpg
JE #70 Airfield 70.zip
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Re: [roa] Airfield 70

Post by Krisu »

Awesome that you finally got this finished!! Looks excellent :D

Need a test, of course... Hopefully the next one won't take this long :bg:
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Re: [roa] Airfield 70

Post by DuklaLiberec »

Fabulous! :bg:

If I have time, I'll also take part in Joint Effort.
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