Links to some important, but non-sticky topics - read first!

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Links to some important, but non-sticky topics - read first!

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This post includes links to several important topics of this sub-forum. You can freely post in following topics about matter of them without any worries of making an offence by bumping an inactive and old topic, only exemption are topic ''G-Tracks'', where nobody other than BBA may post any replies, and topics of already closed projects updating default tracks (marked by ''*'').

General topics

Folks without website
Lists of released tracks by active trackmakers. If you are looking for more tracks of your favorite author, don't miss this topic.

GR Stages Encyclopedia
Topic with list of most rally stage-styled tracks and trackpacks, it includes links to respective trackpacks.

Topic with list of real world tracks sorted by geographical areas, it includes link to track's GR version, if any was made. But don't post new replies into this topic, please.

G-Tracks Discussion Topic
You can discuss here all things related to G-Tracks.

Real Life Track Request List
In this topic you can ask trackmakers, if any of them has interest to do a GR version of a real world track, which hasn't been made for this game like e.g. freshest F1 facilities.

Virtual Track Request List
In this topic you can ask trackmakers, if any of them has interest to do a GR conversion of a fictional track, which has been produced for another game.

Abandoned WIP thread
Place, where everybody can abandon his unfinished projects and allow to other members to finish them.

Track of the Month Discussions Topic
You can discuss here new ideas or problems of ToM with other members of community and ToM staff.

''Joint Efforts''

Joint Effort Track Project
JointEffort is a project where different track authors create one track. The landmap is divided into squares. The point is to have fun and see what kind of tracks different authors can make when they all can throw in their ideas.

Joint Effort Amateur Track Project
Similar to JE - serves as playground for less experienced trackmakers, who don't feel enough familiar with all necessary techniques.

Joint Effort Tree - a slightly different Joint Effort
The Joint Effort Tree is basically a joint effort trackmaking project where 15 different people create 8 tracks in one big project. At the end of each project, we will have 8 different tracks from 15 people (1+2+4+8) with many similarities. We could see a lot of unexpected changes and variations, which should be very interesting.

Joint Effort Rally Project
Joint Effort Rally Project is project focused on team creation of rallies (packs of stage tracks) joined by a common theme, which varies each time.

Mini Track Remix
Common basis of a mini track available for all participants to produce a pack of same yet entirely different tracks.

Original Track Update Project 2010*
Official topic of Original Track Update Project 2010. You can download here updates of all classical tracks original tracks, which come in default pack of the GeneRally. You also may be interested in results of similar past updating projects 2005 for original GeneRally* set and 2006 World Tour* set.

New World Tour Track Project
Project based on idea of not updating, but of expansion of World Tour set by load of new tracks at countries not included in original set.