[rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez

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[rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez

Post by Maciej1 »

Next creation: Circuito de Jerez in Spain.
Two layouts: GP & Motorcycle.
Have fun. :wave:
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez

Post by Woppoz »

Yes! Thank you so much, perfect! I was waiting this one for so long! :)
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez

Post by DuklaLiberec »

That was fast, another track released after a week.... I have not much to say about your work, when a new one comes out, it's (almost) always as excellent as the previous tracks. Same at the cars as you proved it with the Star Wars pack. :bg:
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez

Post by Trigger Happy »

Very drivable, very nice, so perfect work! :bg:
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez

Post by a1b23 »

Now, i need someone to make a Williams FW19 and a Ferrari F310B.

Very well done, if you were an athlete who had this consistent excellence, you'd be a very rich man!!
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez

Post by Black Rebel »

Love it Maciej! Superb!

Thanks for the doing it and improve all teh previous versions.
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez

Post by Scorpion »

Excellent as always, Nurburgring please :!:
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez

Post by V.Mendonca(VITORFM) »

I need to re download the game for test it...

But still a old version...

in future i will test if comes a new version... but excelent work.
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Circuito de Jerez

Post by Nooklemaudit »

Good rwl track, but the starting grid looks a bit strange... :?
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