[cir] Ashfold

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[cir] Ashfold

Post by Bouncebackability »

Hi all,

I had no internet for a few days last month and was pretty bored, so started and finished a fictional track. set in a rural location, the layout came from a scribble of a longer layout i did one day at work, then it shortened to the current track when i started making it.

I hope you enjoy it, and comments welcome!

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Re: [cir] Ashfold

Post by MattyG »

Great track as always BBA...and i love the name its so British :P
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Re: [cir] Ashfold

Post by DocWalt »

I really like this one! I'm not a big fan of the movable cones, but that's not really a complaint against your track ;)
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Re: [cir] Ashfold

Post by cocney »

Great track!
Great combination of armco barriers and walls.
Maybe the last driver is too far.
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Re: [cir] Ashfold

Post by Bunchies »

Nice, the layout looks like a modified Suzuka without a flyover section.
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Re: [cir] Ashfold

Post by Trigger Happy »

What a racing track, so thrilling to fly through the bend after bend in an insane pace! :wow:

Really so English name, but I'm rather feeling like somewhere in French highlands. :yummy:

5/5 :bowdown:
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Re: [cir] Ashfold

Post by Black Rebel »

A very nice wrok BBA! Love it.
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