[cir] Deep Forest Raceway

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[cir] Deep Forest Raceway

Post by Scholl »

Hi Guys,

Its been too long since I have released my last track.
Anyways here´s Deep Forest Raceway from Gran Turismo.

Its one of those tracks that are really hard to recreate for Generally.
Especially the many tunnels and the "canyon"....
So please be gentle with your comments. :ouch:

Have fun.
Deep Forest .zip
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Re: [cir] Deep Forest Raceway

Post by Areen »

HOLY ... :shock: This track looks completely outstanding! And driving experiences are awesome! Incredible track, Scholl! :bg:
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Re: [cir] Deep Forest Raceway

Post by PacmanOwnage »

Whilst I agree, at first viewing it looks brilliant.

A few object placements look a tad rushed (I should know, all my tracks have this :P )

The gates at the top, especially the rightmost ones could certainly use a bit of uniform placement, a bit too over the place at the moment.

Also, the bridges could be slightly better aligned, just a tad off.

And the stands on the bottom straight should probably be looked at aswell, smooth it all out a bit.

Apart a few aesthetic items being off, the track itself IS really good. A little hard to drive in places, but that's just down to the limitations of GeneRally, good work. :bg:
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Re: [cir] Deep Forest Raceway

Post by ariefansori »

AWESOME !!!!!!!
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Re: [cir] Deep Forest Raceway

Post by Krisu »

MY HERO!! I've wanted to have this track for GR for SO long it isn't funny at all :(

What's better, your Deep Forest looks absolutely great! :)
Gotta give it a go soon... Nostalgia overload.
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Re: [cir] Deep Forest Raceway

Post by Rendy »


I really can't wait for playing this track at home (I'm at my relatives'...)
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