[stc] Joint Effort #74 - Montslater

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[stc] Joint Effort #74 - Montslater

Post by Bouncebackability »

Hard to believe, and quite disappointing, that this JE was started in April. However now the wait is finally over, Thanks to those that did take part, we've finished with a very satisfying final track, so great job!

However, as a result of this project taking so long, where we had a long period with no one willing to make a square. I will open signups for the next event, but it won't be started until we have all the spaces filled. We will also no longer be having 'reserves', I have added estimated finishing targets for the last two JE's so if you cannot be sure you can make your square in that time, do not sign up, or if you are perhaps away for a week or so, then be more willing to take a square earlier in the project, perhaps even starting it!

Also I will be enforcing stronger other rules already outlined, such as
9.1) If you book a square in Joint Effort, you thereby agree to make your square in time, (means that you don't hold it up for ages) but use time and effort with it to make it as good as possible.
**Updated Rule**
9.2)If it is your turn to make a square, and you have not posted it within 7 days, your square will be given to someone else and you will not be allowed to participate in the next JE project.
so I strongly recommend you re-read the rules on the first page!

I see little other options, perhaps some more feedback/ideas in the JE thread however will be welcome.

*I will give some leniency to these deadlines however, over the Christmas to new year period, should we start before then.
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Re: [stc] Joint Effort #74 - Montslater

Post by Spacethingy »

Wow... I can't really believe that's 9 bits of work stitched together... Beautiful! Congrats to all involved, it's a lovely track to drive on, the AI is good too. It's a very nice mix of the Singapore and Montreal F1 tracks' feel.
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Re: [stc] Joint Effort #74 - Montslater

Post by M1KA »

Beauty urban track... like it!
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