[stc] [cir] Pine City

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[stc] [cir] Pine City

Post by Scholl »

Here´s a small, fun to drive, gerallysh, City-Circuit.
I kind of stole the idea of the jump before the sharp corner from TuomoH´s Silhouette City.
So thank you for that and I hope it´s all right.

The AI-Line is made for the original General. I spent a lot of time on it but the AI still messes it up some times.

Have fun! :bg:
Pine City.zip
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pine city.jpg
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Re: [stc][cir] Pine City

Post by Lukeno94 »

Spaces between track tags, please - you should know that by now. :p The track looks pretty good, by the way :)
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Re: [stc][cir] Pine City

Post by masa »

Looks Great! I like the gerallysh city veryyy much.

5/5 :up:
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Re: [stc] [cir] Pine City

Post by DuklaLiberec »

I like the idea with the railroad and the [mic]-ish style - since I enjoy Tuomo's tracks, I have no problems with adopting his ideas into your circuits. ;) Other than that, very GR-ish work indeed, absolutely worth nominating it for the next :tom: :)
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Re: [stc] [cir] Pine City

Post by YoNnie »

I must say: This track is very good! I specially like this railroad and station :). But everything is good work. Keep going that :)
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Re: [stc] [cir] Pine City

Post by Trigger Happy »

Only details related to lmap object, they look OK, but something looks to me little bit wrong - the red-white guard is bit too thin (too similar to lines on road) and on railway I'm not sure about shadow of sleepers, maybe rather on the other long side? :scratch:

Otherwise I like it a lot! :bsmile:
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