[stc] JE79 - Eco City

Gravel, tarmac, snow. Whatever the surface, you'll find it here.
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[stc] JE79 - Eco City

Post by Bouncebackability »

Hi Everyone, sorry its taken me so long to release this one after Ivo completed the FT's.

Great work everyone.

Cheers, BBA
JE79_Eco City.jpg
JE79_Eco City.zip
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Re: [stc] JE79 - Eco City

Post by Spacethingy »

Beautiful! Good job guys, looks like just one person made it. The city feels very organic.
A little bit of dithering on the bits where the route crosses the sidewalks would perhaps make it little clearer, but that's a minor gripe.

4.5/5 :redfg: :redfg: :redfg: :redfg: :redyelfg:
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Re: [stc] JE79 - Eco City

Post by DuklaLiberec »

Spacethingy wrote:The city feels very organic.
It sure does, hence the name. :)
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