[rwl] [cir] Road America by Sartalas and Lorenzo

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[rwl] [cir] Road America by Sartalas and Lorenzo

Post by Lorenzo »

(double) Hi!
We are pleased to present to you the result of our small collaboration. We started making this track at the beginning of September and honestly I didn't expect we will manage to bring it to an end, but somehow after two months it's ready :D. We divided the work into a few stages. I was responsible for making the layout, runoffs and hmap (mostly) whereas Sartalas was the one who brought the track to life, masterfully enriching it with exquisite surroundings and details. We were discussing every little change we made, had a great time while making it, and most importantly, we are really happy with the final result and we hope you will like it as well. Have fun, rate an comment. :)

Road America
Two tracks:
Rd AmericaGP
Rd AmericaC (version with chicane)
Road America.zip
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Rd America.png
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Road America by Sartalas and Lorenzo

Post by Sartalas »

We did it!
It's funny because we started to cooperate after we also sent a message to the PM in the same moment. : D We have created great track, I hope you share our opinion. ;) When we started working, in fact Lorenzo, when he sent me the layout, I was impressed, because it's really reminded me style of Spykee, one of legend of trackmakeing. Very fun to cooperate, and hopefully it wasn't the last of our tracks! ;) Thanks Lorek! :)
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Road America by Sartalas and Lorenzo

Post by Marcinho »

Very detailed track. I like tower near pitlane.

Trees on the top cover track.

Sorry for my English :D
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Road America by Sartalas and Lorenzo

Post by ivaneurope »

Nice track - now I need Indycar 2015 carpack, NOLA, Iowa, new Indy GP and maybe Boston to complete the Indycar experience
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Road America by Sartalas and Lorenzo

Post by egamad »

I'm usually not a fan of [RWL] or big WS circuits in general, but this track looks freakishly attractive. The tarmac and pits are greatly textured and dithered, and all the lmap details around the track look authentic. That's a ToM material track for sure! :up:
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Road America by Sartalas and Lorenzo

Post by Herbal »

This track just looks awesome! One of my favourite "normal" circuits in the US is Road America, because of the steep elevation changes and the fast, long curves, just like the Carousel here on top left. Details are great, the main marks of the actual circuit are just like they should be. So that is a great work, and I hope there'll be some other works from your collaboration!

(BTW I'm still alive... ^^)
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Road America by Sartalas and Lorenzo

Post by Mszostus »

Good job! Welcome Lorenzo xd
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Re: [rwl] [cir] Road America by Sartalas and Lorenzo

Post by Black Rebel »

Just WOW! Imrpessive work guys, one of the best circuits I have seen.
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