[cir] Yeavy

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[cir] Yeavy

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Here is the track, which I showed in the WIP thread some days ago. Many of my latest tracks have been very detailed, so I thought that I would use a simple style on this track. There is two versions in the zip: one has 2 crosses and the other has 3 crosses, so there will likely be some chaos on these tracks. :stretcher:

Hopefully you'll have fun on these tracks :cool:
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Re: [cir] Yeavy

Post by Garbre »

Emil Patanen wrote:Hopefully you'll have fun on these tracks :cool:
Hopefully?! How can you have no fun on these tracks? Look at it! It's smiling! :D The 2nd version is even happier than the first one, because its eyebrows connect. Like when you are smiling so much that your eyes disappear. :rofl:

So, seriously. This is a really original and high level work! The neat and simple style you wanted to aim for worked out really well. It's not a "heightmap masterpiece", but that wasn't the focus of this track. Every race is intense and that 3 pit crews can be short sometimes. I like the 2nd version better with 3 crosses. I just feel that the track has a better flow then instead of doing a full 180° turn everytime we go past the cross sections.

So, once again, this is a really funny and enjoyable track! One of your most memorable to say the least! Will the next track look like a sad face? Just kidding. Thanks for this awesome track and keep up the great work, Emil! :bg:
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