[ral] ROVER Rallycross (+variations)

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[ral] ROVER Rallycross (+variations)

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A rallycross track. Yeah I dont know how to explain it. But lets just get on with it.

This track comes in 3 variations. Line A, Line B, and Tarmac-route. All set on the same track, just with different routes. Pit crews are placed behind the start/finish line.
This is the preview of the ROVER RCS Line A version.
This is the preview of the ROVER RCS Line A version.
The Tarmac-only version (autocross) is generally the easiest since you only race on the asphalt lanes. Line B is the hardest and most confusing, takes practice before getting used to.

(Includes all 3 variations and the guide for Line A and Line B. ACS is the tarmac version)
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Here I've included the guide for Line A and Line B version of ROVER Rallycross.
(NOTE: Yellow and blue lines are the route you must go through, red means you are not supposed to go to that point, light blue means you'll go through that part of track TWICE in a lap, and purple is the pit line)
Line A:
[attachment=2]RoverRCS A guide.jpg[/attachment]
Line B:
[attachment=1]RoverRCS B guide.jpg[/attachment]
RoverRCS B guide.jpg
RoverRCS A guide.jpg
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