[cir] [ral] [evo] Olap Speedway

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[cir] [ral] [evo] Olap Speedway

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Hello All,

Haven't posted since the old forums way back when(not sure what my u/n was) but was recently doing some reminiscing and decided to get back into GR. I'm glad to see the forums are not completely dead. AS far as the creation/designing aspect I was never really good but here goes;

Olap Speedway(name courtesy of GR) is an updated track originally built somewhere around 2007 that has not stood the test of time too well
- The original circuit is pretty simple with some slight banking heading into the corners
- The wet course is in my opinion the most fun especially when drifting GT cars around the turns. Looks a little more "rainy" with some of the various palettes out there
- F1 version only difference is the limiters were moved from the pit to bridge entrance. This slows down the AI and prevents cars that are too low from going through the bridge specifically F1 car sets
- Destroyed Track still draws some crowds but upkeep is sub par
- Eventually the track flooded and was later over taken by the end times but still makes for a decent rally circuit

It's definitely not a professionals work but still fun to drive and constructive feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!
Olap Speedway.zip
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