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[cir] [roa] Kyh

Post by Scholl »

Hi Guys,

It´s been a long time since I´ve uploaded my last track. But here is finally something new.
I know it´s very narrow. But it´s supposted to be a course for time trials and not really for races against the AI.
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Re: [cir] [roa] Kyh

Post by Kikwik »

Nice to see a track from you Scholl ! :)

I didn't see the problem of the road being too narrow while driving it. It have enough space from each side of the road and I tested it with AI and they're good on this track, I had fun with them (Overtaking them is the best part and seeing them hit the two bridges is fun, well when it's not me. :D)

So driving is pleasant and the fact that it may seems narrow is in fact thrilling :hyper: ; we don't want to hit those evil concrete posts (my nemesis in GR, along with sunk tyres).

About the track in itself, very good job on hmap ! :bg: These serpentine sections are really good and I like the fact that you add some tarmac in the last corner (to have a good driving line for the bridge, trying not to crash into it), with this beautiful dithering from the patato field or whatever is growing here to the road ! :P Dithering is well done here (tarmac and dust especially all along the road), apart from the fields ; those too neat straight mud lines bugs me a little, this fir tree who says hello through the first bridge and the cliffs texture are medium but apart from that I can't complain much (it's really little things Scholl, I'm really nitpicky here. Bad Kikwik bad ! :frying pan: )

I thought there was a shortcut in the left field, but it's not. No cheating possible here ! :sweatdrop:

So an enjoyable road track, visually and to drive alone or with AI, no problem for this.

Thanks for this track Scholl ! :bg:

Kyh is here, will you use it to open the door to new tracks from you ? :shhh:
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Re: [cir] [roa] Kyh

Post by TuomoH »

I love this. :) The visual style appeals to me a lot and the layout is interesting. I especially enjoy that section from the bridge back to the main road. At first sight it did seem narrow but when I took a race with Generals, I noticed it's not. You have enough space where you should have! But the AI has problems exiting the pits. Solid job nevertheless. :bg:
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