[cir] PlanetGenerally Community Track #10

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[cir] PlanetGenerally Community Track #10

Post by Crono »

Our 10th Community Track!

It was made by the following Community Members:
1 | 2
3 | 4

1 - Crono
2 - XYY
3 - Scholl
4 - Kaiserkönig

Also available on TDB
(49.74 KiB) Downloaded 107 times
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Re: [cir] PlanetGenerally Community Track #10

Post by Scholl »

Beautiful 5/5 ! :hippy:
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Re: [cir] PlanetGenerally Community Track #10

Post by Mszostus »

good job :DDD
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Re: [cir] PlanetGenerally Community Track #10

Post by TuomoH »

Yay for a good track. Visually it's pleasing, just the right amount of details. It's cool that there's no stand but the spectators are standing like at a small local track at country side - it's even got the rural vibes. :goodvibes:

Drivingwise, I like the combination of technical first half and a bit faster second. It's a good choice to give a bit of extra room in the corners with the sunk tyres since even now it takes several laps to find the groove. The hmap at the second half is very enjoyable. :)

The AI is very nice for my liking but with the full field, the starting positions could be stretched since the first lap gets now quite packed. :scratch:

What I don't like is those road cones in the last corner. I learned to go past them quickly but it kills the possibility to overtake in the last corner. :talkth: I also didn't like the narrow pit lane but fortunately you have the pit limiters. :2c:

Overall, a solid track. :up:
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