[cir] [tpk] Heuqh

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[cir] [tpk] Heuqh

Post by GoKimi »

A track with slow and fast sectors, technical but with many overtaking spots.

Heuqh circuit starts with its main straight (not so straight) located in the center of the map which leads to a double left corner where race positions may vary from start.

The next non-stop right corners take you to the slowest part of the circuit to a hairpin that reminds of the Monte Carlo hairpin, nevertheless, this one allows to take multiple racing lines according to the race situation for taking the next fast right corner the best way.

Exiting the tricky section leads you a sharpy Copse, the fastest corner of the circuit which diving to much on the inside will make you bump the sunk tyre and throw you to the outside, also going two-wide implies losing to much speed. Hence it is better to wait for an overtake for the next change of racing line direction coming to the medium-speed left-right chicane.

For the last part of the track, comes a long right corner in acceleration, in which chances of a low-risk overtake is possible if you don't brake too late to keep the momentum in the last wide hairpin. The track finishes with a slow technical left corner.

The circuit also features a short version, being the first double left corner now a left right variant similar to the first part of Gilles Villeneuve circuit, rejoining the fast part of the track before the chicane.

AI line for the original Formula.

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Re: [cir] [tpk] Heuqh

Post by don_fifi »

Reminds me of an improved Tachren. I like it.
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Re: [cir] [tpk] Heuqh

Post by aliman »

Excellent track. Not a fan of TEO tracks, but this one I'm keeping! I really like the old school sand runoffs, instead of the modern ones where it's always tarmac. The track runs very smoothly and is just a pleasure to drive. Great layout.
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Re: [cir] [tpk] Heuqh

Post by XYY »

I think it's interesting to see that a "word" like TEO which was first used by TuomoH in 2020 (I believe) now is already a thing :D Anyway. I feel like you wanted to put "as much track" into the square as possible. The layout itself is okay, but it leaves you with no room for scenery. And I think this is one of the main problems, because it looks quite boring if you ask me. See, there are just walls, sand-traps, hay bales, sunk tyres and stands, that's basically it. Not even access roads, a pit building or anything special. I think the Landmap is okay, it uses the basic tools of the TE and these were used rather cleanly in this manner, but there's not much more to see than that.
Talking about the driving: I tested the track with the original Formula. They mostly took the corners too far on the inside, maybe you have selected a very low AI skill? I had AIs around 100 and they weren't very fast, because they always jumped over the sunk tyres.

So while this comment is rather negative, if you enjoy trackmaking, keep going. Many people started like this or more likely even worse (My first tracks were really bad compared to this one) and if you enjoy doing your thing, that's the most important thing and you'll probably even improve your skills :)
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Re: [cir] [tpk] Heuqh

Post by TuomoH »

Great to see new trackmakers around here. :wave: It's a solid start, I must say. The layout is nice. However, as XYY said, the AI hitting the sunk tyres is annoying. Anyway, hope to see more tracks from you. :)
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