[stc] Olympic Park

Gravel, tarmac, snow. Whatever the surface, you'll find it here.
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[stc] Olympic Park

Post by Jantar »

This is my second track, made again in a TrackEditor.

AI (for formula) is not so good as in case of my track "Arena", but I always have fun while making a background and not the track itself. If you wish, you can make your own track inside this live olympic park, where you can enjoy the olympic atmosphere, hehe :)
Olympic Park.zip
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[stc] Olympic Park.png
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Re: [stc] Olympic Park

Post by aliman »

Nice little track :bg:

I like the different events going on. Very creative for a starter. :up: :up:
I'm definitely going to be using that tennis stadium on my tracks sometime in the future. It looks so good. Very well executed track, keep it up man!
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