[ral] [tpk] [stg] Rally Gudauri

Gravel, tarmac, snow. Whatever the surface, you'll find it here.
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[ral] [tpk] [stg] Rally Gudauri

Post by Aeon »

New rally pack based on the country of Georgia!

Recommended car: Yankee, or any same-stat variations.

This pack is essentially in three stages. The first is the climb up the highway through Gudauri, driving primarily on the main roads. The second stage is when you begin climbing the mountain road to Kestrisi, where the terrain gradually shifts to snow and ice, and then back down. The third stage is back through Gudauri, only this time you'll be taking offroad detours along the way.

There are two 1-minute tracks attached, which are designed to be challenging to complete in under one minute with a Yankee. I've done them both in under one minute, but they're hard!. Have fun! The crowds are cheering you on! :goal: :goal: :weep: :weep: :bg: :)

As always, I'd love to hear how you did. My best time on the Dariali 1-minute is 58.41 For the Ketrisi 1-minute, I scored 54.00. It took me many many attempts to even complete the Dariali 1-minute in under 60 seconds.
(Then turn around and drive them all the other way.)

My current best times in a Yankee:

Code: Select all

Panorama1	32.67
Gudauri1	29.50
Gudauri2	26.99
Dariali		43.33
Jvari		40.31
Truso		46.69
Terek		36.72
Ketrisi		31.36
Ketrisi2	30.55
Terek2		37.60
Truso2		45.23
Jvari2		44.84
Gudauri3	40.37
Dariali2	41.43
Gudauri4	32.77
Paranorama2	35.90
Dariali 1-min	58.41
Katrisi 1-min	54.00
Rally Gudauri.zip
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Re: [ral] [tpk] [stg] Rally Gudauri

Post by Hormous »

Thanks for this new rally pack, so many stages!! :bg:
There's a good balance between wide and narrow stages, and I also love how you often change the route of the stages on the "reversed" version. I only found a bit weird that the downhill stages have the upper part at the bottom of the screen, I think it ruined a bit the perspective. But that's only my point of view you did an amazing work here!

I'm not used to drive the Yankee, but I was fastest than the drivers only on the most intuitive tarmac stages, the Gudauri stages. :goodvibes: I found some other stages harder, the Hmap work is not clearly visible at first sight and so they need to be "studied" in order to set good times.
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Re: [ral] [tpk] [stg] Rally Gudauri

Post by MidnightRunner »

I'm so out of shape for this game nowadays that they are all 1min stages for me :lol: Those stages are pretty good, and they are all trickier than it seems too!
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Re: [ral] [tpk] [stg] Rally Gudauri

Post by danielkreger »

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Re: [ral] [tpk] [stg] Rally Gudauri

Post by Aeon »

Alright, it took me a good long while and many attempts, but I finally beat the AI on every one of these stages. Truso2 was the hardest :scared: and each victory on the latter-half tracks was accompanied by excitement and self-cheering! :party: :bg: :bg: :weep: :goal: :up: :up: :up: :-o :goodvibes:

I'm celebrating :ballons: by posting an updated download with all of my current best times. These times are also listed in the first post. Come on, jump into a yankee and show me what you've got!

Unfortunately the AI at Kojori majorly kicks my backside on those village tracks, so it'll be a while before I post anything over there.
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