[cir] Peninsula

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[cir] Peninsula

Post by Crowella »

Okay, this was a really quick one and the upload just as quick. A track made in 2 hours while I had some time. It turned out pretty good I think. Very simple layout on a beach setting, because easy scenery that way :goodvibes:

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Re: [cir] Peninsula

Post by Kikwik »

I'm more impressed by the fact that you did a track of this quality in 2 hours than anything else. :shock: If only I can do this in few hours.

The layout is pleasant, good balance between straights and curves, without tight straights, captures the mood of the beach, fun but relaxed.

The scenery is good as it is, no need to add much and in only few hours it's commandable. But poor guy living next to the circuit and near the stands, or maybe it's the gift shop or drinks shop that opens only during the races ? :P

Something I want to ask you, what are those yellow dots / lines near each starting lines ? Something related to racing maybe ?

Thanks for this nice circuit Crowella. :)
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