Mount Naseusei [ral] [tpk] [cir]

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Mount Naseusei [ral] [tpk] [cir]

Post by King Kong 99 »

Hello this is my 2nd track called Mount Naseusei!
It's basically this guy's track: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5738&p=111041&hilit ... ck#p111041 but better, I made some modifications to the track and it gave me a little Japan Mountain vibe... hence why I gave it a fake Japan name

the TRK file just named Mount Naseusei is the entire track

but the TRK file named Mount Naseusei jump skips the other half of the track and jumps off Mount Naseusei.
For instructions: open OPENME.

Have fun!
Original track is from Kikwik. Credit to him

(I know Fiona circuit is under 50 downloads but I'm really happy and I think you deserve more)

(message for Kikwik if he sees this post: if you want me to take down the post, then private message me)
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Re: Mount Naseusei [ral] [tpk] [cir]

Post by Kikwik »

Hello King Kong 99 ! :)

It's fine for me, as you credited me. As long as it can be a way for you to improve, have fun and keep going on trackmaking it's really ok. But you may try to contact the author before you do something like this, as I know some authors don't want to modify their tracks at all.

I just wanted to give you few tips for future tracks :

. The names in GR are limited to 12 characters (counting spaces too), so if you go over this limit, the track's name will be cropped in-game. You may rename it "Mt Naseusei" and "Mt NaseuseiJ" and it will be alright while retaining the essence of the name.

. AI line in Mount Naseusei (the first track) is set before starting positions so AI cars make a turnaround to reach the beginning of the AI line. You want to make sure AI line is after starting positions but not too far away, as cars will try to reach the first line of AI line you put on the track.

. In your second track, Mount Naseusei Jump, AI cars go too large when jumping, allowing the player to overtake them easily. A more tight AI line in this corner would be better.

. When you change the World Size of a track, the objects change size too. So it feels a little weird now because objects are a little scattered around. You may add objects to fill up a bit or even remove them to create the landscape, but it's up to you.

. It's nice of you to give instructions on how to install tracks on the GR folder but most people already know about it, so it's ok not to add a readme about it.

. It can be a good start to check TuomoH's tutorial and other tutos for trackmaking. It will give you solid basis to make even greater tracks. I learnt a lot from them.

Otherwise it's good fun driving on those tracks and I'm happy that you took my track for a base to make your own, meaning you certainly enjoyed it, so thanks. :goodvibes:

Keep going ! :bg:
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Re: Mount Naseusei [ral] [tpk] [cir]

Post by TuomoH »

As Kikwik has already given the permission, I'll let this be but remember in the future: You're not allowed to post modifications of other people's tracks unless you have a permission to do this. :!:
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