[cir] Vuvuzela Park by JEA

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[cir] Vuvuzela Park by JEA

Post by thegreatfalcon »

I'm proud today to present you Vuvuzela Park by the JEA team! I think that this is clearly the JEA ever made and that the 4 squares idea is great. Enough useless talking, let's shoot the booking and the files :D

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Top-Left      : Cristiano Bohessef
Top-Right     : Resir014

Bottom-Left   : Buka
Bottom-Right  : The Great Falcon

Final Touches : Resir014 & The Great Falcon
Oh, and using Paw's GT pack and Night Pallet is awesome on this :bg:
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Re: [cir] Vuvuzela Park by JEA

Post by Thunderstrucker »

awesome! :bg:
terrible name, but... :shrug:
vuvuzela annoys people here in Brazil thank God that the cup is over for us...
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Re: [cir] Vuvuzela Park by JEA

Post by Bouncebackability »

great track, terrible screenshot :doh: nothing against the night palette, which i think is great

But one of the best JEA's for a very long time, lovely simple track :bg:
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Re: [cir] Vuvuzela Park by JEA

Post by AleksiNir »

All the squares have more or less the same layout, a ~180 degree turn and a small kink. Only in bottom right it's different, but similar too. This makes the layout rather boring and "stop and go".
There's way too much of the grass-tarmac texture, specially on the inside of the hairpins it's quite useless, and could've been replaced by something better and more inteesting stuff.

Except those things the track is good :bg:
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