[oth] [cpk] Star Wars

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[oth] [cpk] Star Wars

Post by Maciej1 »

A small pack for the fans of Star Wars.
Enjoy. :wave:
Star Wars.jpg
Star Wars.zip
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Re: [oth] [cpk] Star Wars

Post by Mad Dan »

Great :D too bad there are no Podracers (hint/request :hide: :D).

May the force be with you :)
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Re: [oth] [cpk] Star Wars

Post by Lukeno94 »

How can you be as good at making cars as you are at making tracks? :mad: :rofl: Simply superb!
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Re: [oth] [cpk] Star Wars

Post by SammieVL »

No... Death Star?

They look awesome BTW!
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Re: [oth] [cpk] Star Wars

Post by akouk »

Lets race them!
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Re: [oth] [cpk] Star Wars

Post by BRIX »

I'm not the fan of the movie and i can't tell you about the similiarity to the original,
but these spaceships are looking great! :bg:

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Re: [oth] [cpk] Star Wars

Post by LegoDino77 »

There is cool cars ;D. Just best for Star Wars fans ;D
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Re: [oth] [cpk] Star Wars

Post by davidmay96 »

WOW!!!! I would never have thought anyone would do something like this
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Re: [oth] [cpk] Star Wars

Post by cocney »

Nice polish combination of Death star track and Star Wars spaceships. Superb :D
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