[UOGRC] [for] [cpk] Formula (Champ, Indy) by Masa

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[UOGRC] [for] [cpk] Formula (Champ, Indy) by Masa

Post by masa »

Update Original GeneRally Cars
Formula series

It's car pack I drive recently.

- Formula A (color type 1 and 2)
- Formula B (color type 1 and 2)
- Formula C (color type 1 and 2)
- Champ car "CCWS" A
- Champ car "CCWS" B
- Indy "IRL" (Road)
- Indy "IRL" (Oval)

Indy Oval has the physics of McTurbo..

Related cars
General (Masa's ver.2)
Mini cat (Neko)
Go-Kart (Masa's ver.2)
General / Go-Kart

MS(Masa) :whirl:
[UOGRC2012] Formula by Masa.zip
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Re: [UOGRC] [for] [cpk] Formula (Champ, Indy) by Masa

Post by Krisu »

Looks great! :goodvibes:

Anyway I think the Indy Oval version's front wing could be even a little smaller, as it is very pretty tiny in real as well. Of course you should keep it big enough so it would be visible :)

(Psst, the air intakes are of different colours on the top-left car on the pic, I think you want to fix that :mrgreen:)
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