[ser] [for] Formula 1 1987

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[ser] [for] Formula 1 1987

Post by Bouncebackability »

Hi everyone,

I made these months ago, last year I think. Based upon my only previous cars, the 1996 set, here is a set for the 1987 Formula 1 season. I figured I may as well upload them as I haven't touched them

Comments welcome, enjoy.

F1 1987 by BBA.zip
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f1 1987 bba.jpg
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Re: [ser] [for] Formula 1 1987

Post by DuklaLiberec »

Great cars :cool: Your car making skills remind me somewhat of Maciej's :mrgreen:
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Re: [ser] [for] Formula 1 1987

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Indeed, they are amazing.

But whole year hidden in the desk? It reminds me XYY, fortunately you didn't torture us by a preview picture a year ago. :D More, please! :yummy:
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Re: [ser] [for] Formula 1 1987

Post by Alex »

Incredible, and all the teams aswell. 5/5 from me. :bg:
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Re: [ser] [for] Formula 1 1987

Post by Niko K »

Really enjoyable to drive and the looks are great too. :yummy:
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