[oth] VaporTrail Ships (Wipeout Style)

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[oth] VaporTrail Ships (Wipeout Style)

Post by CamrosX »

Here are the ships for the VaporTrail Series,
found here: http://forum.generally-racers.com/viewt ... f=6&t=3560
and: http://forum.generally-racers.com/viewt ... f=6&t=4514

Three teams NOW 7!! based on the game WipeOut. They're pretty quick and handle tight. They speed up on yellow/black and go even faster on red surfaces. All the ships have the same stats for fairness.
VaporTrail 2.0.zip
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Vapor Ships.png
Vapor Ships.png
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Re: [oth] VaporTrail Ships (Wipeout Style)

Post by Haruna »

Not sure if you've noticed, but the screenshot shows that the AeroTech's nose is not symmetrical.

Never mind me, I'm stupid and didn't notice how the nose was made in Car Editor >_<

Good job on the physics, but I'd personally like the ships to be much faster.
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Re: [oth] VaporTrail Ships (Wipeout Style)

Post by ACM »

Your new ships are curiously omitted from your reuploaded carpack. ;) And please version number your zips, so I don't have to deal with naming conflicts in my downloads directories.
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