[gtc] Volkswagen Golf GTI W12

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[gtc] Volkswagen Golf GTI W12

Post by Sartalas »

This is my new car - VW Golf GTi W12. I was do this car when I was playing NFS Shift 2 :D. I hope you like it, please coment it, rating i download, Have fun !!
Volkswagen GTi W12.zip
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Special thanks to Marcinho and Paw : *** :D.
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Re: [gtc] Volkswagen Golf GTI W12

Post by Haruna »

A cute car, but some stylistic cue changes would make the model more attractive. Both the stock and Works Golf GTI have quite round front ends, so you could try stretching out the vertices on the front-middle area. Additionally, the roof is very wide, which makes the car look less rounded.

I was expecting much more power and a slightly wilder drive too, the current setup feels stock but with some high-grip tires. This makes the car easy to handle, but it's not nimble enough to be entertaining on small tracks nor quick enough to be fun on large circuits. That is a W12 engine after all under the hood, it should not feel like a very stock straight-four.

That does mean you're going to end up with a completely different car if you make all these changes. But the car would be improved by leaps and bounds if you made steps towards these changes, in my opinion.
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Re: [gtc] Volkswagen Golf GTI W12

Post by Lukeno94 »

I've made a W12 Golf before, but can't remember which pack I released it in :p I agree with Haruna's comments about the model, but it's a good effort for an inexperienced car maker :)
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