[tou] [cpk] WTCC 2013 by Herbal

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[tou] [cpk] WTCC 2013 by Herbal

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Hello again, guys! After I could get WinXP finally working on this computer, it seems that nothing can hinder me now from releasing several carpacks. :goodvibes:

As first, this year's world touring cars will be on our menu (even if we have lost Alain Menu this year... :jester:). This year we have (so far) 16 teams racing with 5 manufacturers in the competition: BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Lada and SEAT. I guess these names can guarantee some really spicy action on the asphalt.

There's nothing new compared to my previous releases, except for the fact, that this time I've created different physics for rear-wheel drived cars, which will be used in my future packs of mine.

So, don't forget to download, rate and comment!
WTCC 2013 by Herbal.zip
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