[lmp] SDR Nymph GT-70 - Vintage sports car

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[lmp] SDR Nymph GT-70 - Vintage sports car

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SDR Nymph GT-70 '70
SDR Nymph GT-70 Spyder '70
SDR Nymph GT-70 Spyder '70
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SDR Nymph GT-70 Coupe '70
SDR Nymph GT-70 Coupe '70
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The Little Devil was the first of Scarlet Devil Race Works' cars to be raced by privateer "gentleman" teams, and it would definitely not be the last. In 1970, the racing team produced a new sports car developed under the Group 5 Sports Car category, back when the displacement limit was 5 liters.

The year was 1967 and after their successful foray into open-wheel racing, team director and head engineer Riven Scarlet had sketches of his dream car, a powerful two-seat coupe designed for contesting the Le Mans 24 Hours race. It wasn't long before the team assembled for this new project and began developing Scarlet's sketches into something more serious and suitable for the regulations of the time.

After a year in development, Scarlet Motors had been founded, and would be responsible for the production of 25 cars. This new car was branded the "Nymph", and known internally as the GT-70. The Nymph GT-70 race cars all use de-stroked and heavily modified race-spec Chevrolet 327 small-block V8 engines, tuned to output up to 545 horsepower.

For competition, the GT-70 had been produced in two different configurations, a high-downforce open-top prototype with a large front splitter known as the GT-70S, and a streamlined coupe with frontal dive planes known as the GT-70C. Both cars use 12 inch wide treaded racing tires front and 16 inch tires rear, giving these powerful sports cars just enough grip to use on circuits. The GT-70C weighs 820 kilograms, while the S is 15 kilograms lighter but generates both more downforce and far more drag. Both cars are very closely matched, so it's up to you to pick the style you like more.

Regardless of the variant you select, however, one thing should be very obvious; this car isn't very easy to drive. While McTurbo fans will be right at home, a very wise phrase of advice for those not as well-versed in powerful cars is to slow down really early. Though Riven was certainly not incompetent, he was a man hell bent on maximizing outright speed over nearly everything else. It shows.

545 horsepower from a 5.0 liter V-8 atmospheric engine
Power-to-Weight Ratio: 0.66 hp/kg (Coupe) / 0.68 kg/hp (Spyder)
820 kilograms, 43% on the front axle (Coupe) / 805 kilograms, 45% on the front axle (Spyder)
Mid-engine, rear wheel drive
305 / 405 mm wide front/rear racing tires with treads
160 kilograms of negative lift @ 200 km/h (Coupe) / 184 kilograms of n.l. @ 200 km/h (Spyder)
Drag Coefficient: 0.31 (Coupe) / 0.55 (Spyder)
Lift-to-Weight Ratio: -0.195 (Coupe) / -0.228 (Spyder)
Three Sizes: 159.0 L x 72.8 W x 37.4 H inches
95.0 inch wheelbase
Acceleration Rating: 10.2 out of 12
Speed Rating: 9.7 out of 12 (Coupe) / 9.4 out of 12 (Spyder)
Cornering Rating: 9.5 out of 12 (Coupe) / 9.6 out of 12 (Spyder)
Grip Rating: 5.4 out of 12 (Coupe) / 5.6 out of 12 (Spyder)
Performance Index: 788/Class S
Classifications: Vintage Exclusive-Production Lightweight Hypercar, Sub-classes: FIA 1968-1971 Group 5 Sports Car
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Re: [lmp] SDR Nymph GT-70 - Vintage sports car

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Great one, very nice, very fast, good to drive, maybe surprisingly good to drive. :) I wonder how you current LMP interpretation would feel. :scratch: I wanted to nominate it for CoM, but Dukla was faster. :mrgreen:
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