[lmp] Aola Proto1

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[lmp] Aola Proto1

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Aola Proto1

Aola Proto1 (Le Mans Prototype)
When the guys in the shed at Aola heard the words "Le Mans" and "Prototype" together, they couldn't resist looking through paddocks for old vehicles to gut out and glue together to make these machines. They designed 10 of them, each as identical as the last but with 6 liveries based on real teams and the other 4 to be custom selected by the future customers. The Aola Proto1 drives like it is planted to the road, has a lot of oomph and makes drifting a thing of the past.

As an added bonus, Aola even went as far as to package 5 of these Le Mans drivers to race against whenever you get bored.

Liveries Included:
Pictured from bottom left to right
CardMaster No AI Driver (255/200/0 | 200/0/0)
Rofmans J. Iykx (AI: 98) (255/255/255 | 192/128/32)
Quatre A. McNiche (AI: 100) (164/164/164 | 255/255/255)
Pewjeau D. Brasham (AI: 97) (0/50/100 | 240/240/240)
Bendlee T. Kristsen (AI: 96) (16/48/16 | 180/180/180)
Fyorde B. Maclaryn (AI: 99) (160/220/255 | 240/90/0)
+ 4 custom liveries (A/B/C/D)
Aola Proto1 Drivers.zip
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Aola Proto1.zip
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