[ral] [cpk] FIA Group RRC

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[ral] [cpk] FIA Group RRC

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Hello guys!

A new carpack again for ivaneurpe's request. :bg: I made the FIA Group RRC Rally cars.

The pack contains:
Ford Fiesta RRC
Mini Cooper RRC
Citroen DS3 RRC
Skoda Fabia RRC

I know the Fabia is not done yet in the real life, but they tested it (or maybe just the 1.6T engine. who knows? maybe just the Skoda :D)

They are a little faster than the R5 cars but still slower than Mad Dan's WRC cars!
I hope you like it!

GroupRRC by Szmajli.zip
(276.62 KiB) Downloaded 386 times
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