[oth] Moon Motors NECO-ARC McTurbo

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[oth] Moon Motors NECO-ARC McTurbo

Post by Haruna »

Moon Motors NECO-ARC McTurbo
No, April Fools did not come early.

This particular McTurbo design is a from-scratch model change based heavily on Neco-Arc from the cult classic fighting game series, Melty Blood. Aside from its tendency to smell like cat farts, the Moon Motors NECO-ARC McTurbo drives exactly the same as a normal one does.

Try it. Drive it. Catch Neco fever.
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Re: [oth] Moon Motors NECO-ARC McTurbo

Post by masa »

MOEEE.. High quality Modeling and Details. Great job! I feel, you are very veeerrryyyyy "WOTAKU" (type the Comike of the Akiba). :misch:
How do you think of a Chaos!?
BTW, Are you a cosplayer??

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Re: [oth] Moon Motors NECO-ARC McTurbo

Post by 5l1n65h07 »

Funny design, good detail.
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