[cpk] [ser] [tou] NASCAR Sprint Cup by Herbal

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[cpk] [ser] [tou] NASCAR Sprint Cup by Herbal

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In the previous weeks I had a little creative crisis, but now I can finally release an old pack laying around my computer for good. This time we'll have a trip to the United States, and we'll go fast and turn left. I suppose from all these you know already that I've created some cars for NASCAR Sprint Cup, a bit of unusual territory for me. ^^,

This time I was too lazy I am going to let you the work done: there are four basic models in the carpack (Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, Chevrolet SS, and as a bonus Dodge Charger from year 2012), and I will ask you to create some twitchy/crazy/cool/awesome/any-other-adjectives-that-could-fit-here liveries. That may be possible, that I'll start working on something with them, but until then, let's see, who would have some nice ideas for this theme! :D

Physics are realistic, and just like nowadays, I've used Haruna's physics instructions, in the end I think I could replicate the physics quite well.

So, what do you think about these beauties?
NASCAR Sprint Cup by Herbal.zip
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