[for] Formula Genesis

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[for] Formula Genesis

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And so it begins... The next generation of racing.

Formula Genesis

The Formula Genesis, also dubbed the CSV FG03, is an open-wheel race car designed as the evolution of the Formula Zero. Built on a modified version of the F0-MDL13's platform, the FG03 sports a 2.6 litre naturally-aspirated V8 and a glass fiber body to give it a 1:1 power to weight ratio (676bhp of power and 676kg of weight). The FG03 is mid-engined rear-wheel drive like most Formulas, and it has a 6-speed sequential semi-automatic transmission capable of powering the car to speeds of around 315km/h. Handling-wise, the car tends to be oversteery, maybe even more so than the Formula Zero, so careful driving may be needed. Overall, it's a rather fun car to drive.

Before I give you the screenies and download link, let me tell you something interesting that happened to me while I was making this car:

Originally, this car was going to be called the Centaur, and would look basically the same, but it would have a much longer wheelbase and the cockpit was going to be a bit bigger. However, I ran into a problem with the physics that made the car have huge amounts of body roll, making it undrivable. But the moment I found out that the "Fix Car Size" function in the Car Editor fixes this, I accidentally saved a blank car over the .CAR file of the Centaur. I nearly gave up on the project, but I picked up the pieces and re-modeled the car from scratch. Noticing it came out with a shorter wheelbase, I decided it needed a new name. After some thinking, I decided to name it the Formula Genesis. The specs, however, are the same as the Centaur would have if I hadn't accidentally overwritten it. I even had the preview pics ready, and once the body roll was fixed it would be pretty much ready for release. And then I did that stupid mistake... Oh well. Since the Genesis is pretty much a shorter Centaur I guess that, if you guys want, I can use it as a base and re-make the Centaur, all I need to do is move a few polies and make some changes to the physics (the Centaur was going to be more understeery due to the long wheelbase).

Enough talk, time for pics and DLs!
Formula Genesis.zip
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